9 Reasons Why Online Video Advertising Kicks Tv's Butt
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9 Reasons Why Online Video Advertising Kicks Tv\'s Butt

As the winds in online advertising are shifting constantly, we find 2015 to be a year of change for Video advertising worldwide. This shifting is also apparent in comparison between television advertising and online video ads. As stated across the internet, the growth of Video ads compared to the decrease in television usage, is predicting an overwhelming overcome of Video ads over TV already in the year 2017.

All these, was predicted and supported by stats from studies in the US, which shows a static state of TV viewers, and growth in online Video streaming and time spent online watching videos. This of course resulted in shifting of the advertising budgets towards online already in 2015, which is only expected to grow in 2016, and complete its domination over TV ads in 2017. Nonetheless, TV is predicted to remain as it is, which means budgets could stay static, and focused mostly on prime time and top channels.

What is Video In Page and how it works

Video InPage is a video ad format inserted in the middle of articles. It plays only once visible enough on the user's screen and pauses when the user can't see it on screen. The Video ad is usually placed in the middle of articles. It plays automatically when half of the creative is in view and pauses if the user scrolls past it then plays again when it comes into view. After that, the video disappears after completion. Finally user-initiated sound - when he scrolls down to the ad unit

Advantages of InPage advertising

1. Fully compatible for both Mobile and Desktop.

2. Self-expanding video player

3. Reaching the right audience

4. User Friendly

5. Very high Click Rate and more impact-full brand encounter

6. Worldwide demand, Arab Market Oriented

7. Targeting techniques: Contextual - Audience -¬ Social

8. Performance

9. Control of ad engagement, offering an optimal navigation experience

TV Advertising overview

Advertising on television allows you to show and tell a wide audience your business, product, or service. It allows you to actually analyze the benefits of ownership. You can show how your product or service works and how it's packaged so prospective customers will know what to look for at the point of sale. It has been a popular medium for large retailers ever since the TV first began to appear in living rooms. With the arrival of cable television came lowered production costs and the opportunity to reach smaller, more targeted markets, making it a viable option for small to medium-size businesses as well.

What is Video SSP & Ad Server

Strictly direct inventory, ensuring maximum transparency and flexibility to deliver the best results. An HTML5 Video player with cross-device support, supporting all existing video tags formats out there (VAST 2/3, VPAID, JS, IMA3 and much more). A unique yield optimization engine delivers only the best fill rate and the most accurate reporting.

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