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Benefits Of Using A Base Coat Under Nail Polish
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Benefits Of Using A Base Coat Under Nail Polish

Have you ever taken off your nail polish, only to find the top layer of your nail is peeling or stained the color of the polish? For most people, the time it takes for one coat of one color of nail polish takes long enough. But purchasing and taking the time to apply a base coat is well worth it.

Base Coats Protect Your Natural Nails

The first layer of nail polish is put directly onto your nail. Even though there are no harmful chemicals in most nail polishes, putting a color on first will leech the chemicals the polish is made of into your nails and cuticles. This may cause the polish to chip faster, the edge of your nail to peel or split, or color to be left behind that stains the surface of your real nail.

A base coat prevents all these things, because it’s made to act as a barrier between your nail and the colored polish. Most base coats are also nail strengtheners or hardeners, and improve the look of your natural nails while protecting them from the nail polish.

Base Coats Make an Excellent Surface for Nail Art

The surface texture of a dried base coat is perfect for nail polish to stay longer without chipping. It also acts wonderfully as a base for nail art. Anyone who paints their nails a lot, with different colors and designs, needs to invest in a base coat.

A base coat is especially important if you plan to add 3D flowers, nail decals, rhinestones or any other embellishment onto your nails. Even without any nail color, using a base coat before applying a rhinestone or decal will help them last longer and stay where they dry.

Alternatives for a Base Coat

If you don’t have a base coat polish or can’t afford one (they can be pricier than colored polish depending on the brand) then there are two other methods you can use.

Nail hardener or strengthener makes an excellent base coat; it doesn’t have to say on the bottle that you can use it as a base coat. Along with hardening weak nails, a hardener will act as a barrier to prevent staining and as a good surface for color, just like a base coat.

The other option is to just use a clear nail polish. This doesn’t have any added benefits for your nails like strengtheners or base coats with vitamins in them, but a clear coat still protects your nail. It works to protect from staining and as a surface layer for color, or even just a shine over your natural nail on its own.

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