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Do It Yourself Wedding Invitations Made Easy : Make Your Own Wedding Invitations In Minutes!
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Do It Yourself Wedding Invitations Made Easy : Make Your Own Wedding Invitations In Minutes!

If your priority is a quick and beautiful invitation, you're in luck! Theres is a simple process to follow! Remember, invitations should go out about 6 to 8 weeks before your wedding date, typically.

There are some very standard envelope sizes you'll want to keep in mind, including:



RSVP envelopes

Let's use these sizes for the sake of simplicity.

You can easily design a standard wedding invitation that will fit into an A7 envelope, send the design to a printing house (kinkos, for instance) and have the invitations printed for you, or you can buy the correct stationary at your local office supply store and print them at home. Always remember, you will get a better quality print job at a printer, and more often than not, you'll end up saving money-- ink is expensive!

Be sure to call the printer, first, to get the specs on your design. But, typically, the size of the paper that fits into the A7 and RSVP envelope is:

A7 Envelope paper/card size: 5x7

RSVP Envelope paper/card size: 3.5x5

Most printers have a selection of stationary on hand, and often times they can special order a specialty paper if you choose. Be sure to keep the shipping of specialty papers in mind, if you're on a schedule!

Call your printer and ask about bleed lines and crop marks. They may even be able to email you a template to work from!

What to include in your invitation and RSVP card:

On the invitation, include the essential information such as

Who is presenting the couple (Names of parents and couple)

Date of the Wedding

Location of the Wedding

Location of the Ceremony

Time of the Wedding

Time of the Ceremony

You can also consider including a Details card that covers things like attire, gift registry, special requests, etc.

Designing your invitation:

It's time to get creative! You've decided to make your own wedding invitations so let's make them awesome!

My favorite way to design anything is to choose two or three inspirational images or words to create from. Remind yourself of these words or concepts throughout all of your decision making and the design process.

Don't get too crazy with details. Simple is beautiful. Choose one or two fonts, one design element that speaks to your relationship such as a bird, heart, flower, or ornamental design that you can carry over to each piece.

The RSVP card is simple. Include this information on your RSVP card (or you may consider going green with a telephone or electronic RSVP request, which saves trees and money on postage too!):

How many guests accept/decline

Meal selection

RSVP telephone number


Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time for a test print, second or third opinions, revisions, final printing, envelope stuffing, stamping, and so on!

Before you print your do it yourself wedding invitations have someone else look at your invitation and double check the spelling of each word (especially names), punctuation, and details. A DIY wedding invitation should be just as high quality as a professionally designed invite!

Keep in mind that you may also need to print and design programs, thank you cards, menus, place cards, and more. Printing tip: print everything at once. If you're printing a large order, your local print shop may be willing to give you a discount. And, it will feel good to have everything nice and organized!

Good luck in designing your own wedding invitations! Make them special!

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