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Enamel Art Paints
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Enamel Art Paints

I know, enamel art paints..what's the big deal?? Well, that depends.. Do you want to decorate around your house and give your own personal touch to it? Wouldn't you love to be able to make it look like an interior decorator came in to your home and picked out these beautiful hand-painted pieces to accent your rooms- without actually paying a butt-load for actual hand painted pieces! (that are probably about as unique as the color blue! ) You can! Creating beautiful decorations and wall accents in your home is alot easier than you may think, and definately CHEAPER! Plus, you can make something that is 100% unique, and all your own. That gives you awesome bragging rights as well.. telling people you designed and created your own interior decorating!!

Ok, enamel art paints are not going to magically transform your home, (or whatever you wanted to paint), into some art gallery! But, these paints are speciafically designed to be used on porous surfaces such as glass, wood, ceramic, you get the idea. Now take a look around your house..what are most of your sufaces made of? Glass, wood...ya, ya, go it!!

Ok. so why am I blabbing about interior decorating and such when the article is labeled enamel art paints? Well, I firmly believe that we all have an artist inside, and can create maserpieces! Now, that being said, I'd like to point out that I am not a professional artist or art teacher or anything like that..In fact, I am just a 31 yr old single mom of 3, who is definately short on time and money most days!! But painting is an escape..and decorationg my own pieces in my house give it a personal touch..without spending much at all! A few bottles of paint, plus a flat surface..thats all I spend. That, an occasional trip to the thrift store to see what old pieces people have gotten rid of so I can make them new again!

So, why enamel art paints? Well, if you are like I was when I first started mesing around with paints, than you'd probably pick out any paint, (for me, it was whatever was cheapest), any brush you could find, and go to town! Than, you'd be trying to figure out why it took 5 coats of one color to make it come out the color it should be!! This is where enamel art paints work great! See, most paints commonly sold with art supplys are acrylic paints..which are great paints, and do work on almost anything, (which is a whole other article all together), but if you want the best, and easiest tool to use on your project, than you want enamel art paints.

I always use plaid folk art enamel paints. I'm not sure which other brands make enamel paints, but it wouldn"t matter, because they are the best!! :-) A great thing about these paints is if you make a mistake, or just decide it's completely not what you wanted (which is my specialty!), than you can just wipe them off with a rag or towel, and try it again! But, if you do decide you love it, and want it to stay, there are two different ways you can keep it from chipping or scraping off. First, if your project is small enough, you can actually bake it in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes..and then its safe to wash or put in a dishwasher. If the project is too big, or impossible to put in an oven, than you can let it sit for 28 days, and after that, it will be safe to clean.

Also, one more tip to make your project easier... they sell certain brushes for painting on porous surfaces to use with the enamel paints. These art brushes are typically white tipped nylon brushes. Again, they are suppose to help lay the paint on top of the surface, since porous surfaces seem to suck your paint in and make it disappear!!

All in all, enamel art paints will just make your projects so much easier and faster to complete. They will also come out looking much more professional when you only have to apply one stroke of paint as opposed to layering 5-6 coats on them! And why make decorating harder, when it should be fun! I have not yet come across a surface I couldn't paint with these enamel art paints. Why not bring out your inner Picasso, and paint your world beautiful.

The picture I inluded is just 1 example of painting with enamel art paints. It's a glass window (obviously!), but it took half the time it did when I used the acrylic paints. However, every paint is uniquly perfect for every project you want to try. Acrylics, oils, watercolors, enamels, glitter, metallics, shiny, outdoor...In other words, you want....they make it!! Seriously...stop reading now..grab your enamel art paints and let your creative juices flood out! (just make sure you clean up when you're done!)

Till next time..


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