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Framing Valuable Artwork
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When framing artwork there are several things to consider.

For example, on original paintings glass is never used. Paintings need to "breathe". Also, if the glass should shatter, the shards could damage the painting,

When framing limited edition prints or any artwork considered valuable, use only acid-free materials. Only acid-free mat boards (aka rag board) and backing boards protect the valuable artwork, preventing any kind of "burning". Regular paper mat boards turn yellow over time. This in turn transfers to the artwork and "burns" the artwork, devaluing the artwork.

Another thing to consider when framing valuable artwork is mounting. Valuable artwork is never dry mounted. Dry mounting is a heat process. Drymount tissue has a heat activated glue. The tissue looks a lot like wax paper. This is a permanent mounting technique, not good for valuable artwork.

The proper way to mount valuable artwork is to "hinge-mount" the artwork. This process includes the use of acid-free tape, like mulberry tape, or japanese rice tape. Use a colored rag board mat with window cutout so you have something to tape the artwork to. Attach the tape to the top back of the artwork, and then to the back of the rag board(s). The artwork hangs like a curtain. Paper expands and contracts, it "breathes". If you attach tape to both the top and bottom of the artwork, the artwork will buckle over time. This is very bad.

Here are some other methods of framing:

Shadow box: When three-dimensional items such as weaponry, canoe paddles, and football jerseys are framed, they need a taller frame. Monofilament fishing line, brass or copper wire, or sewing thread are some items used to attach these items. Hot gluing is another method of mounting items.

Deluxe frames: Stacking of two or more frames upon each other. Usually a fabric covered liner goes on first with one or more wooden frames built-up around the liner. If it's not a painting use glass or plexiglass. Plexiglass creates static when you remove the protective paper. This makes plexiglass more difficult to work with. Dust and dirt cling to the plexiglass. Plexiglass also scratches easier than glass. The advantage that plexiglass has over glass, it doesn't shatter as easily as glass.

After enclosing the artwork in the frame, to prevent dirt and bugs from getting inside the frame, seal the back with brown kraft tape. It's not acid-free but it doesn't come in contact with the artwork, so it can't hurt the artwork . The last item is the method of hanging. In most cases use picture wire.. If the frame is very heavy then use French cleats..

These are the methods used when framing valuable artwork.

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