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Learn How To Draw People
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Learn How to Draw People

If you want to learn how to draw a people realistically then you have come to the right place. Artists say, people are one of the most difficult subjects to draw. But there is no need to be afraid of. Of course there are some techniques, guidelines of how to draw people. These techniques will make your drawing task easier. Let’s learn how to draw people and have the fun of drawing.

Observe the people around you. Watch for the proportions of different features of human body. Notice the length of the arms, length of the legs, width of the back etc. Watch for the proportions of human body while they are engaged in different actions.

Get ready with your pencil, paper, eraser, tortillion and other drawing tools. Using pencil to draw will allow you to erase your mistakes. Now start drawing. First draw the outlines of the human figure. Use light lines so that you can erase if necessary. Drawing from life will improve the quality of your drawing. You can draw your dad at work, your girlfriend/boyfriend relaxing on a couch etc. You can also draw the old man at the park, or a neighbor just don't look crazy!

Always start your drawing from the head. Draw a circle and divide that by a horizontal and a vertical line. Draw the eyes on the horizontal line and nose on vertical line. Draw the hair. Make the facial features clear. Give some expressions on the face. Maintain proper proportions while drawing eyes, nose, mouth etc. After head draw the upper body and next draw the lower body.

For drawing rest of the body remember that normally human body is seven heads tall. Maintain proper proportions while drawing neck, shoulders back etc. Draw the hands and legs carefully. While standing a person’s hands end near his/her thighs. While drawing the legs notice that upper leg is longer than lower leg and has greater volume.

Draw the dresses of the person by adding some shading where it is necessary. Erase the outer edges of the outlines. Use tortillion to blend the drawing to make the transitions seamless. This will make your drawing more realistic.

A lot of practice is needed to learn how to draw people. It also requires time, sensitivity, and good hands-eye coordination to learn how to draw people perfectly. But you can be assured that the end result worth these. To make your drawings perfect draw people, draw lots of people.

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