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Mastering The Art Of Cartoon Animals
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Mastering the Art Of Cartoon Animals

Many people want to learn how to draw cartoon animals because they love the growing popularity of cartoons and the charismatic nature of a good cartoon drawing. Drawing cartoon animals is not nearly as hard as many people think it is, but there are a few things that you can keep in mind to make sure that your drawing looks great and will capture the imagination of those that look at it.

Choose Your Style

For some people, cartoon animals are hard to draw because they don't know what there personal style is, but the best way to find out how to draw cartoon animals that fit your style is to start drawing. Some people will slowly find that when they draw animals they like to exaggerate one of more of the features, while others find that they like to keep it proportional and more close to a realistic life drawing with cartoon qualities. Neither styles is better or worse, it is simply a preference as to what you like to see.

Use Bold Lines

If you have ever tried to draw realistically, you know that one of the biggest rules is to avoid using lines, because in real life there are no lines, simply two objects or features against one another that tell the mind there is a line present, in cartoons the opposite is true. The outlines of the form of most, if not all, cartoons are bold black lines that place the many features, this is one reason that people learning how to draw or how to sketch first start by learning how to draw with cartoons. There is no harm in using bold lines with bold solid colors in your cartoons, you don't have to worry about making to look overly real.

Use Shadows and Highlights for Depth

Even though it was stated that you should you bold lines and solid colors, you can still use highlights and shadows to develop your cartoon animals and give them more depth. There is a difference between depth and realism, some people want their cartoon to appear more dimensional and using small highlights and shadows will do this.

Color Choice

A common question amount people learning how to draw cartoon animals is what type of colors they should use. The best thing you can do is to use warm colors, they brighten up a drawing and can make it more cartoony. This doesn't mean you can't use blues or purples, it just means make sure that when you use cool colors, they have warm tints, and you don't over power the drawing with cool colors, it will affect the overall mood.

If All Else Fails, remember to D.R.A.W.

D – Don't stress over your drawing, it should be fun not stressful.

R – Rome wasn't build in a day, and you won't learn how to draw cartoon animals overnight.

A – Always save your drawings, you will want to see your progress over time.

W- Warm colors are great for make an cartoon more cheery and fun.

Have a good time with it and start drawing your favorite cartoon animal today, the process is just as important as the results!

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