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Passionately Drawing
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Passionately Drawing


There are times when you're going about your usual day or night, and something comes up that inspires you to draw. It can be anything; something you see, a feeling that you get, a dream or nightmare, being around certain people, a place, atmosphere, etc.

I got this feeling this past Thursday night while visiting a dear friend and his family for an event. He's one of those people who's sort of like the father you wish you had. Whatever it is about him and his new family, they have this great, positive atmosphere about them that relieves any kind of negative anomaly that comes to me.

In that very moment I was inspired to write a poem, use music, and draw so that I could express the joy I felt from that uplifting atmosphere that Thursday night.

However, I had to get to work on 4 different projects for the next day.


As I woke up Friday morning I was still beaming with joy! I didn't want to forget my goals so I was sure to make myself a note of things to do right before I left for work.

Now this Sunday morning I am able to catch up on things. Many people tell us all the time as we're growing up to do what you love, when it's time to think about what kind of job you want to work. Sadly, not all of our choices may bring us the financial stability we would like to have when it comes to supporting ourselves and a family. Still it's ok, and there are ways to make your dream a reality. As I reflect back upon my career goals, I am extremely happy that I sought out my dream to become an Artist. Even so, there is the reality of making a living at it. Most often we will work for someone else and we have to impress them with our skills in order for the decision maker to be confident that we can carry out the job. Employers in the art world do this by judging you from your portfolio or demo reel. Once you get hired and start working you may find yourself in the unimaginable world of your boss, who for some odd reason, wants you to create a work of art in the matter of a few minutes?!

My friends and myself have had those freelance jobs where the boss does not understand the creative process and thinks that you can pull a rabbit out of the hat in seconds. In situations where there is no reasoning with the boss, you must get away from the job. There are jobs with the big studios that pay very well and the experience is quite pleasant. However, most often it is freelance. After 5-10 years, or even less than that, the Artist may find his or herself being laid off. If this type of lifestyle suits your personality type than this is perfectly fine. However, I am the kind of person who seeks stability. When I come to a new location, job, or whatever it is I want the satisfaction of knowing that I will be taken care of. If I am taken care of then that means that I can take care of my family. Yet, that is not the way it works, so for my own personal goals I must find a way to fulfill my needs for the present and the future.

Many Artists who get tired of the rigors of freelance work either teach or open up their own business. This is when they find their happiness! Needless to say, I have been freelancing around the Los Angeles, CA area going on 4 years now and I am at that crossroads. I have even ventured out into fields outside of the arts, and no matter what I do I still find myself having that urge to draw. I must do something that involves art.

For those Artists who have to work right now for someone, they figure out a good way to manage their time, and make time for their art. A few years ago I was doing my usual browsing online when I came across an Artist who creates astonishing drawings of animals that appear to be black and white photographs from a distance! The Artist's name is Paul Lung. You can do a web search for him to check out his amazing work!

When I saw this, again I was inspired! It made me want to quit my job, go home, and draw for hours just to see if I could even come close to this man's work. I could not believe that he creates drawings like these after work. I know it takes him a few hours out of each day, but to do this takes dedication and drive.


When I draw, I love to draw people the most! I also love to draw nature! I am not much of an animal lover, but there are certain animals that I am instantly captivated by and in that moment I must create. When I was growing up I got this feeling when I saw a certain type of bird, a tiger, and zebra in one of my art classes in high school.

Over the past few days I have been beaming with the urge to draw, as I got to do all day in college. Now I am trying to make more time for my art in my spare time, and with my job. I still doodle in my sketch book from time to time, but it's not enough to satisfy me. I'm going to have to create myself a job where I get paid to do nothing else, but drawing! Once my basic needs are met, I will setup something that will guide me to my true happiness!

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