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Tutorial: How To Draw Lady Gaga
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So, you wanna learn how to draw people? Well, you've came to the right place. I have been drawing since the tender age of three. I'm not trying to bob my own apples here, but I'm not half bad. What we are going to illustrate, step by step, is how to draw the face of Lady Gaga. I chose this subject because of the eccentric war paint and metal things (which makes for interesting shading and intricate detail), and the blonde hair, which is a good thing to know how to draw if you're an aspiring artist. We'll cover the outline, details of the facial features, and different shading techniques. Now, with art, you don't have to draw an EXACT replica of what your subject is. Add (or subtract) what you want. Art is all about freedom. But then again, if you want to draw a rose, and you really like that rose, I mean REALLY like that rose, you wouldn't want to alter it, would you?

We'll use this picture as our reference. We'll stick with black and white, because I'm not a fan of her orange complexion here.

you'll need: -standard 2B pencil (any pencil will do, if it says 2B) -mechanical pencil (for fine lines) -6B or 8B pencil, for those rich dark areas -Q-tips (for shading the skin. take some of the cotton off the end of the Q-tip for a more defined line) -Eraser (I would suggest a kneaded eraser. It comes in handy for the eyes and lips)

Optional -White-out or white paint (for accentuating the highlights in eyes, lips, and hair)

Start with a piece of paper. Or a hunk of sheetrock, a piece of plywood, the side of a homeless man's box, your own leg, a sidewalk square. A blank canvas. Anything, as long as you have the tools (and permission, if it's the homeless man's box). Since I'm a lefty (for the record, I'm not into politics), I normally start on the left side. I would suggest starting from the opposite side that your drawing hand is on, otherwise you will smudge your work, and it's a pain trying to erase all that soaked in graphite. Also, if you have to use your computer to refer back to the drawing, I suggest magnifying the drawing to fit the screen (175 or 200% works great, but then again, I have a netbook computer), and pushing the F11 key to hide all the toolbars and the URL box (press F11 again to get them back).

I like to start with a basic outline. Good guideline for when you're shading. TIP: don't make the outline too dark, because you'll more than likely be replacing a lot of that outline with light shading.

I'm starting from the right side today, so lefties, enjoy your perfectly unsmudged piece of art. Bur righties, let this be a lesson to you to start from the left side, or learn to draw without letting your hand touch the paper. It's harder than it sounds. If the background is too smudgy looking, you can always paint over it with black acrylic paint, which i've done in a couple of my drawings.

Now with the hair, you don't wanna sit there and draw EVERY individual strand. It's tedious, and in the end, it just turns out looking like a bunch of pencil lines, if you use the wrong technique. With this hair, I would suggest doing a light gradient from right to left, with the side of your 2B, like so.

Then take your Q-tip and blend those until they're smooth. Since her hair is so light in pigment, you don't want to push very hard.

Add a few REALLY LIGHT pencil strokes with your mechanical pencil along the very edge of the hair, and kid of close to the face, and you have one part of the hair down. HUZZAH

TIP: make sure the hair around the face is really light, to add depth.

NOW, for the hard part of the hair: the bangs. For the bottom where the hair is cut off, do a jagged line with your mechanical pencil, such as this. Leave it somewhat dark.

Next, do some IMMENSLY light shading along the top part and JUST near the bottom, so they don't look flat.

Blend that all together with your Q-tip, and add a few slightly darker lines on your shaded parts to add the effect of hair. Don't get too overzealous with the lines, or your hair won't look like hair. Add a few dark lines where you see fit, and blend those together a little bit with the Q-tip, do a little erasing in the middle of the bangs where you see the light part (erase a zig-zagged path so it's not one huge white streak), and you have bangs. MAZELTOV

The other half of the hair is very similar to the other side, but a lot simpler. You can use these pictures and just refer back to the first step.

Now, for my favorite part: the face.

We'll start off with shading the nose. Start with some rough shading with your 2B. From the look of it, the light is angled form the right (from how we see it), so the left side will be a little darker. This is where the dark line I told you to leave under the bangs comes into play.

Now, we'll do the eyes, because that's what brings the whole piece together. Grab your 8B and We'll start with the eyeliner. Go as dark as you want. But for the rim of the eyes, use your mechanical pencil.Follow how I did the eyeliner in this picture, because we'll blend it out and add eyelashes with the blending stump and mechanical pencil.

THIS IS WHERE THE KNEADED ERASER COMES IN HANDY. The light reflection (white spot) in the iris/pupil is what eithe rmakes the eye look round, or like it's flat. It might take a lot of practice at first, so you might feel more comfortable practicing on another piece of paper first. Here's how mine looks in the process, and when it's done. We'll do the same thing with the other eye.

Now, for the shading under the eye and the 'left' side of the face. you don't need any pencil for under the eye, just a steady hand and a Q-tip, preferable one that's slightly used (for shading, not for ear cleaning). For the cheek, take your 2B and do a close-set, rapid zigzag starting at the eye and down along the cheek, and do the same thing on the earlobe, and stop there. We'll use the q-tip on the jawline. Start with pushing somewhat hard on the penciled in shaded part, doing small, rapid circles, and slowly blend out and use less pressure.

For the jawline, I'm using a blending stump because I picked all the fuzzies off my Q-tips and don't want to go grab anymore. Just take your Q-tip and go along the jawline lightly, but stop at the chin, so we can do the lips next.

Now, since the lips are so light, start with nothing more than this:

We'll use the q-tip to gradually work in the shading around the mouth to match the lips. The kneaded eraser comes in handy here, too. Take your eraser and dab at the lower lip to give it a 3-D shiny effect. ttp://

Now, for this weird thing on her cheek, grab your mechanical pencil and do some light shading where I did, and the dark spot on the weird glowing blue thing.

AND FINALLY, this is how the face should look all done.

Now, our last step is the neck. Take your 2B and shade where I do. Start blending with your q-tip, and work it around a bit. It's hard to explain, just make it look like mine. :) I'm not the best at shading the neck, but this will do.

My finished Lady Gaga Drawing!

Now you're finally finished! :D just erase a little on the white background if it's smudged, sign your name, and frame it, sell it, burn it, do whatever you want with it.

You've just learned basic shading, how to draw eyes, noses, lips, and hair, and how to incorporate q-tips into the art world. I would like to see your finished products :) email them to with the title "Lady Gaga Tutorial Drawing". Thank you for reading my tutorial!

Jamie is a 19 year old from a mid-sized town in North Dakota, currently living on a farm outside an even smaller town with her boyfriend, her dogs, and his 2 roommates. She learned how to talk and read earlier than most children, learning the sounds of every letter in the alphabet, and her first word, bank, before she was a year old. By age three, she was speaking in full sentences, some even in Spanish. One day, she picked up a crayon, and while watching Pappyland, created a boy holding a hand mirror, complete with reflection. Her talent spread form there, but she took a bit of a hiatus for a few years when she started getting tangled up in drugs and alcohol. She struggled with adolescent alcoholism driven by depression for 4 years, and an addiction to opiates and amphetamines for a year. She sought help after a bad night out resulting in a near-death experience, and she got the help she needed. She went into treatment on January 24th, 2009, and has been sober (and drawing) ever since.

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