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What Is A Union Steward On A Building Construction Project
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In this Article we will be discussing the roll a union Steward plays in the building construction industry. You will find a steward on jobs that are union usually in the big cities and also in the northeast a lot of the work is done with union labor.

On a union building construction project each one of the trades has a right to have a steward and alternate. The Steward is a journey man for the trade that they represent. A steward only represents the job he is on not any other job for the same contractor, but he may represent trades people of a subcontractor that are on the same job. There will be a union Steward for crafts such as Laborer, Carpenters, Plumber, Electricians and Sheet metal works, to name a few.

The steward cannot supervise work on a building construction project he only sees that the union rules are adhered to and also if there is a grievance lodged again a contractor or other trade they will work to come to a compromise. The steward also makes sure all safety requirements are adhered to for the trade he is steward for.

Some of the grievances that the Steward fields is when a load of cabinet materials come on the job say the laborers want to unload the truck, but according to the carpenters bi-laws any finish materials will be unloaded by the Carpenters. The Stewards for the labors and the carpenters negotiate and come to a compromise.

The steward on a union building construction project is usually the last trades’ person on the job for that particular craft. They also work 40 hours a week and any overtime that is required for the job to stay on schedule. The steward on a union construction building project is also paid at the overtime rate that is approved by the union contract.

The ideal union building construction steward is a craftsperson that has a thorough understanding of the trade that they are in. They have good work ethic and has some understanding what it takes to produce a finished building construction project. The building construction steward also has a knowledge of the union rules for their trade.

In the past few years projects have been bid by project management companies and they have some sub-contractors that are non-union, so the union steward would only be responsible for anyone that is signatory with a affiliated union that the steward is a member of.

So in closing hopefully this article will give the people that read this a clearer understanding of how a union building construction steward integrates into a union building construction project.

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