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From Contacts To Wealth
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As we seek ways to be on the path to wealth, we look outside, and away from, ourselves thinking the key lies out there. However, we have become used to learning that the opportunities to make wealth lie within us and the challenges we face daily. In this context, let us consider our contacts on the several social media we are connected to.

What's your attitude towards your contacts? Do you know how many they are put together? And if you do, are they arranged in any way they can be easily accessed? Do you know you can deliberately identify which contacts can resolve specific problems or challenges that you have when they are arranged according to common groupings?

To understand this postulation, consider your current contacts, put them together in some defined groupings that suits you, for example, career, family, health, relationships, investments, hobbies, others. Then, in view of your current position, list out your challenges which may include getting a better paying job, preparing for your new baby, changing your investment instrument and creating more time for physical exercises and more.

An attempt to match the challenges with the contact groupings you have means you would have to do a short list of those that can possibly provide solutions to your challenges. After two or more rounds of screening the short list, the process begins to reveal answers you did not imagine existed to your challenges and you end up with a very short list of "experts" in respective areas of life. Through this means you would have created a team of solution providers who become available to other people around you with similar or more challenges.

Now, you can consider yourself to be on the path of wealth as more and more people request you for the means to resolving their challenges. Being the one that has the answers is your way to wealth!

As in any activity that involves meeting a need, now we can say you are in business and would therefore be required to set up the working pattern that will ensure continuous improvement on what you had started. You will be required to have a structure to communicate and coordinate your activities. This is when you will have to go online to find the best method you would use to keep the connection, knowing that people also readily seek answers to their challenges from the web.

The online dimension to the concept does not only increase your activity and therefore your wealth, but also places you in a vantage position to receive enough stories that sets you on the path to lasting wealth. The wealth that comes from telling and writing stories stays with you knowing neither retirement nor redundancy.

Now, you know how you can use your contacts to create wealth not just for yourself but many others who have answers to the many challenges of life. Don't just have contacts, group them, screen them and use them optimally to make wealth! See you tomorrow

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