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Money And Its Source
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Money And Its Source

Money is a very important issue to all people and one that most are very conflicted about. What most are striving for is not to necessarily have a lot of money but to have the lifestyle and choices that they believe a certain amount of money will afford them. Therefore most of us are actually striving for abundance and not just piles of cash.

If you were on a deserted island and you had a suitcase full of $100 dollar bills would you be able to use this as food? In other words though we can all have a lot of emotional ties to money and how much of it is in control, it is what money is exchanged for that is really of importance to us.

Money after all is simply a means of exchanging or giving value. Money today is no longer a physical entity contained in pieces of paper and metal. Money is mostly kept electronically in banking institutions and exchanged electronically as well. No actual paper money or coinage exchange takes place in most transactions in our commerce of today.

The supply and amount of money is also a subject that is often discussed in the nightly news. Though governments do control the supply of actual paper bills and coinage that are available to be used, since most money is exchanged electronically it can be argued that there is no actual limit to the amount of money that is available.

The value of an item, concept, piece of land, or skill set that is perceived by the purchaser is what sets it's monetary value. Therefore as any item that can be exchanged monetarily raises in value in the eyes of the purchaser it's potential value in money is also raised, raising the potential amount of money in the world.

As we have seen over the past few decades the value of everything from real estate, the stock market, and even Beanie Babies have changed drastically while the condition of each of these items can stay unchanged.

Therefore if someone wants to raise their income or net value, you simply have to raise the perceived value of any item, concept, or skill that you possess in the eyes of someone who is currently looking to exchange money for what you have. The perceived value of any item can fluctuate depending on a number of values that are not limited to it's actual condition or functionality.

Through the use of advertisement or even current trends the perceived value of anything can raise or drop overnight. If you see a trend for a certain area of land, or a type of item, or a skill set that will be popular in the future, your investment today can reap benefits in the future. Likewise if you currently hold an asset which you think will not keep it's value in the future, today may be the day to exchange it for money.

Another thing to keep in mind about money is the source of the supply. Many associate their source with their work and their paycheck. This belief limits you into thinking that the amount of your worth and your ability to accumulate more wealth is out of your control and dependent on the vagaries of whatever decisions are made by the management staff of the company you work for.

Your source of money, income, or abundance can come from many different sources if you will open up to the possibility of it. Within the last decade there has been a marked increase in the level of entrepreneurship and people seeking multiple streams of income to raise their standard of living.

If you will keep in mind that money was created to serve mankind so that he would be able to exchange a number of goods both tangible and intellectual across any distance, it will be easier to realize that money is there to serve you and you are it's master. Keep in mind also that the source of that money can be varied and can come from multiple places at the same time.

What is really important in the long run is your abundance and ability to live a full and happy life. No matter what your level of income or holdings at any given time, if you are satisfied and joyful you are truly numbered amongst the most wealthy.

With love, joy, peace, and abundance


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