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The Big Disaster Of This Decade Explained
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The Big Disaster Of This Decade Explained

Think about all the seismic activity that happens all over the world. Where you aware of that?

Many people are not and I can guarantee that your eyes will sparkle with surprise as they were mine.

Do you remember what happened in that year on Christmas Eve in Asia? The famous Tsunami in the Indian Ocean, still remember those images of those giant waves invading the beaches of Indonesia.

The year after Pakistan, then New Zealand, Haiti, Chile and Japan. These are the worst countries beaten by earthquakes and tsunami.

As you have noticed most of the seismic activity happened and happens between the Pacific Ring of Fire.

The Pacific Ring of Fire is found around the South, Central and Nord America Coasts up to Alaska and then goes down passing all Japan, Chinese Coasts, all Indonesia and down to New Zealand.

So can you see already the closeness between the biggest earthquakes in the world and the Ring of Fire?

Anywhere you can read that 90% of the world earthquakes and active volcanoes are found between these lines.

So all these seismic activity are just the reaction of the earth to the climate change.

What are the other consequences?

The weather is the one I say is the most affected. It became extreme weather, remember last winter and the year before we saw in the news that in the North Hemisphere there s been an extreme snowing and cold, many people died in East Europe. In Argentina, while in Europe was freezing cold, temperature rose so much that the thermometer arrive at 40 Celsius degrees. Why?

Climate change.

Think about the North Pole. The ice is starting to melt as the temperature of the sea is rising. In a program I saw the polar bears walking and struggling under cracked ice floor and they are condemned to swim for kilometres looking for a firm land to live. Isn’t this caused by the climate change?

Let s not forget all the tornadoes, storms and flooding happened in the United States.

Don’t you think they are happening pretty often?

The flooding in Brazil, Sri Lanka and Australia last year, leave you to think about why now every year we have many disasters around the world.

I know for thousands of years always these events have always been accompanying us, but not at this stage. I totally agree that this is caused by the human being over abusing our beautiful world.

I only say that all together we should do more for our world like recycling, did you know that a plastic bottle takes between 100 and 1000 years to decompose?

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Nicely written and yes every little thing we do counts! :)

  about 1 decade ago
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