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The Earth Is In Labor!
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Earth is preparting to give birth to a new world. She is in labor, and between contractions, she is taking cleansing breaths. She is in pain, and has been crying long enough. She has been crushed from the weight of our greed and lust for 'stuff'. She has been raped and sliced, torn and burned, tortured and maimed long enough. She has been sucked dry, and her breasts of life are empty. She is tired. She will blow her stacks and blast our filth into the cosmos. She will wash our oceans and streams clean when her water breaks, sending pure amniotic fluid flowing over the trash and garbage humans have deposited into her veins and onto her land. Her pure creatures are in a knowing of this coming cleansing, and they are also letting us know. As she watches the birds fall from the skies, and the fish wash dead ashore on her litter-stained beaches,she is screaming with rage. She is letting us know, in no uncertain terms, who is in charge here. This is HER house, not ours. We've trampled upon her as though we are of some importance here. We are not. We have over-stayed our welcome.

Weather is becoming increasingly sporadic and unpredictable. For some strange reason the strangeness is becoming normal and predictable. The mere fact that people are becoming desensitized from all the images of flooding, earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, are evident by how quickly we move on to other things. The weather of the earth is dependent on the sun, just as we are dependent on theearth for survival, but people seem to disregard the fact that the earth only has so much resources to spare. When will we wake up? I'll tell you when:

When the soil can grow no more food

When the waters run dry

When the oceans fish are all poisoned

When the animals are all dead

When all the birds fall from the sky

Only then, to paraphrase an old Indian saying, will people realize we can't eat money.

Is this the legacy we leave to our children to deal with? Mother Earth is still weeping today. She shudders around the globe with anger and despair. Meanwhile, we watch reality shows (reality?!?), dumbed-down dissinformative news broadcasts. Instead of teaching our children survival skills we send them to instituional-like settings with their cell phones and ipods, cram them in small boxesand feed their brains with the most uselessinformation andblatant lies like, "do it this way and you'll get a great job"! All the while, their home, their earth is in labor, and they have no clue.

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