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How To Create A Perfect Design For Your Restaurant Website
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How to Create A Perfect Design for Your Restaurant Website

I recently wonder: it is 2012 already but for some reason many restaurants have websites which fail to meet visitors’ expectations. The owners update interior design, extend menu selection, but, unfortunately, underestimate the importance of showing themselves off, when clients are still searching online where to go and what to eat.

So if your visitors browse through an outdated and boring website – which is yours actually – you can’t simply let it go on. Change it. Step into your customers’ shoes and figure out why your website is so dull.

If your restaurant website needs redesign or you’ve just started a new website design project from the scratch, you should do the following:

Provide Food Menu but Avoid PDF Versions

Just imagine: you come to the restaurant with not even a single menu. Something ridiculous I dare say. Food menu is the key point of any restaurant so make sure your website is not lagging behind. What do visitors wish? Look over the menu, choose delicious dishes, and find out the prices.

How should your menu look like? First of all, forget about PDF. It seems a common tendency to let people download the menu in PDF. Well, convenient but I thought you aim to make your clients feel comfortable on your site. An easy solution for the designer, PDFs scare visitors away. Why should they download certain files only to look through a menu? Moreover, PDFs slow down the site and affect search engine rankings. Is that what you need? If not then read on.

It would be much better to integrate your food menu into the design. No PDFs but creatively designed food menu on the site with easy navigation – your clients would appreciate it.

Show Your Contact Info, Location, and Opening Hours

Your website visitors may be curious to know where and when they can reach you. By no means should you hide your contact information from them, if you are interested in their visits.

Place your telephone or email on every website page, let’s say, near the top, where visitor can easily find it. The phone number should be able to start a call once clicked. Show your restaurant location on an embedded Google Map. It would be good to provide the address in plain text as well.

Make Your Restaurant Website Mobile-Friendly

Mobile website development has recently become extremely popular among technology gurus willing to keep up with the existing and emerging web development trends. Not every business needs its website to be optimized for mobile usage. Everything depends on the audience. Restaurant audience more and more often needs to browse through the website on mobile devices. Google maps will be helpful, showing the nearby restaurants with links to the sites. Make your website mobile-friendly and visitors will rush to your place. As a rule, restaurant visitors are not stay-at-homes so they will be referring to their mobile devices quite often to look for something they need.

Images Speak for Themselves

Some clients do care about the interior surrounding them while they are having a meal or just enjoying the company of their friends by the cup of tea. But why shouldn’t they? People are curious about where they are going to spend the evening. They want to see the style of restaurant design, whether it is modern or outdated. So it is a must to include a photo gallery on the site covering the interior design and outdoor view if it is worth showing. But remember that too many images may be a bad way-out. A couple of high-quality images would be good enough. You could also provide pictures of your most delicious meals to wake client’s appetite.

Include Social Media Buttons

Restaurants are social by their nature. Dining out is impossible without socialization, sharing news and discussing some interesting places to visit or new delicious meals to taste. This is why it is important to integrate social media to your site to start the word-of-mouth promotion. Let people talk about your restaurant, what they saw and what they ate there. Here are a few good points how to make your website social media-friendly:

Add a Facebook Like Button to your website

Facebook is a powerful tool for business promotion which is why you will only benefit from integrating a Like button into your website. Let also visitors see the faces of their friends that have liked your restaurant. This would be a good proof for them to trust you.

Show the best reviews about the restaurant on your website

Testimonials are a perfect way to gain trust of your website visitors. I bet you often refer to the place reviews before dropping in. Why not consider someone’s opinion and decide whether the restaurant is really worth visiting.

Add social sharing buttons

This will enable users to tell others what food menu items are their favorite ones or which blog posts they found useful. This promotion will quickly become viral giving you considerably higher exposure.

Try Even More…

The choice of options to make your website exposure grow is not limited to those mentioned above. You can also try a couple more ways to jazz up a restaurant’s website. These are not the “must have” points but definitely worth considering:

Online Table Reservation

Allow users to book a table directly from your website. Having filled in the contact form they will come to your restaurant without worrying that all the tables are occupied. Yes, someone will have to check the email box for all reservation orders but believe me – your visitors will be grateful to you.

Online Ordering

If you want to generate more sales, try integrating an online ordering system into your website. Why not allow users to order meals through the site? Utilize the necessary e-commerce tools to settle your delivery arrangements and create an online ordering system.

Events Calendar

If your restaurant organizes some special events and you want everyone to know about them, use your website. With the events calendar you will easily update your website with new events and fresh details. Let your visitors know what they missed by adding the photo gallery and detailed information. A fascinating event presentation will draw visitors to your place.

Restaurant Blog

Writing interesting content needs some time and commitment. But this may considerably increase trust towards your restaurant. Let your creativity work for you. From restaurant’s history to some interesting facts about national cuisines – this will serve you as a good focal point while writing blog articles.

Well, I believe you are now ready to get down to your restaurant website design or redesign project. By applying all the techniques mentioned or at least some of them you will design your restaurant website in a modern and stylish manner. Make browsing through your website an easy and useful experience for your visitors. Let them feel the convenience of your restaurant.

Street Talk

very nice article! :)

  about 7 years ago

great info as usual!

  about 1 decade ago

Thank you so much.

  about 1 decade ago

Very good advice, I have a couple of people to share it with

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks a lot! I would appreciate that.

  about 1 decade ago
Joan S  

If I had a restaurant, I'd want to consult with you. Good advice. I need to redo one of my sites, so I identified with what you wrote here. Excellent. Thank you.

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks Joan! If you need any help just let me know. I'm glad you found these points useful.

  about 1 decade ago
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