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How To Improve Your Websites SEO
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How to Improve Your Websites SEO

A friend of mine recently requested I review his website to determine if there is anything he could do to improve his SEO.

The first thing I asked my friend was what do you want the people to do when they visit your site? Do you want your internet visitors to call, click something or personally come and visit the store.

After some discussion we determined that my friends main goal is to get his local internet visitors to call and for other visitors to click on his Ebay store.

I made some basic suggestions.

  1. Get some sort of logo - for visual representation
  2. Develop a color scheme that is consistent for all pages - suggestions for color code combinations can be found on kuler (dot) adobe (dot) com

I also would recommend that he should determine what keywords that he would like to rank high in Search Engine Results pages (SERP).

HINT - The goal of keyword research is to determine words and or phrases that have high searches and with only a few websites competing for the searched word and or phrase.

To determine what are some good keywords to use for his site. I suggested that the Google keyword tool is good place to start.

Some the benefits of the Google keyword tool :

  1. Since it is Google product it is the most accurate analysis of the Google searches - or another way say this - use the tool from the system that is doing the actual website ranking.
  2. Displays the total monthly and historic search volumes for keywords. This ensures that the words you choose for your website should drive traffic once you achieve a good ranking.
  3. Graphical display of the rough number of competing websites - a good indication of how many websites are competing for a particular word and or phrase.
  4. Provides suggestions and synonyms for your words, Only relevant alternatives are suggested by the tool.

Once my friend completes his keyword research - I would suggest the following tips to improve his websites SEO

  1. Is the Keyword in the page title
  2. Is the Keyword in the Meta Description
  3. On the SERP does the Page Title cut off - ie minimize the Page Title to prevent the cut-off
  4. On the SERP does the Meta Description cut-off - ie minimize the Meta description to prevent the cut-off
  5. On the SERP does the Authorship show up

I also made some additional Overall site look and graphics ideas

  1. 1st impressions do matter - are the graphics appealing
  2. Is the navigation easy to find and use
  3. Is the site inviting with unique content
  4. Does the theme and colors match the niche
  5. Does the website tell the reader what to do ie call or click something

Feel free to add your comments on how to improve the SEO of your website.

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I recently published an article on how to start a mobile marketing business - it provides information on creating a website that is optimized for a mobile device.

  about 1 decade ago
Doug West  

Tim: I am in the process of implementing some of your ideas on my C&D Coins web site. I want to be able to track the impact of my efforts so I went into my Google Analytics and Adsense accounts and pulled the following information: Analytics: stats for August 2012: 89 visitors to the site, of which, 34.8% from Search, 47.2% from Referal Traffic, and 18% Direct Traffic. 49 of the 89 visitors were unique. Adsense account for August 2012: 359 Page Views with 2 Ad clicks. This is a Page CTR of 0.56%. This should be enough information to set a baseline so changes can be assessed as they occur. I'll try to remember to pull the same stats on the first of October for comparison. Regards, Doug

  about 1 decade ago

I really believe that if your website has unique content that basically follows the rules of submitting articles to Street Articles along with some good keywords will really help in improving your website SEO

  about 1 decade ago
Doug West  

Tim: Great article about my site www(dot)canddcoins(dot)com. The site has more than one purpose. First, it is a business card so people can find the physical location of our shop in Derby, Kansas. Secondly, it is a site where myself and others post new articles about coins and currency. We are always looking for new articles for the site. We also would like to help drive some traffic to our eBay store (never hurts to sell some coins). Regards, Doug.

  about 1 decade ago
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