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My Quest For On - Line Income Streams - A Letter To My Web Developer Friend
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My Quest for On  -  line Income Streams  -  A Letter to My Web Developer Friend

Lawyers don't earn that much, personal shoppers, well, err...

My quest to build my very own website spiralled from my for an on-line income stream on the side by showing the world what I loved, my interests - Men's Style, Sports, Music, Money Investments... Before the apparent quest (yeah, I know, the 'quest' thing sounds like some word out of the medieval, sorry), I started researching some other means of making the extra buck; how to multiply my streams of income.

I researched affiliate marketing and basically found out that you had to have a blog at least, better still, a website. I came across after much research, a program teaching affiliate marketing and the course coaches said the same thing - 'it is better to have your own website site so you can maximise profits as the earnings don't come in bulk'. it;s a little $10 here, $5 there and on good days $100 or more depending on your web traffic.

Now the course coaches advised that it was better to blog or let my website hover around the things I love to do or talk about so that during the very stressful days of having to update the site when editors flop, or when I think I've run out of things to say, the fact that I have interest in my area/topic would kinda keep me going.

So, with the above explanation on why I started this in the first place out of the way, let's talk about the site.

Since I know that I have passion for

1. Making men look good. Okay, let me re-phrase - MY HEART LEAPS FOR JOY AT A WELL DRESSED MAN! And, I do an extra flip when I know the end result came from my work.

2. Shopping for men and following male fashion trends.

3. Giving guys advise on relationships.

4. Real Estate

5. Investment opportunities, money making 'Do's'

6. Music and football and football and music and...

I decided to give it a shot. Menslounge would feature all that and more. That's another reason I'm recruiting friends who have more knowledge than I do in other areas to join in as editors. I do not have much experience in info-tech and gadgets and other sports like boxing and the like. I'm not really into movies and although I'm a lawyer, my political analysis is sometimes crap. Building a website myself is not something I'd want to talk about, that's why I hoped that you would allow me draw from your wealth of knowledge in this IT thingy.

Yeeeees, it's a long mail, but at least you're at the end of it. Get back to me okay? There's Skype and Jiggle-berry (Black Berry Messenger).

Your Best Friend in the World (wink)


Carpe Diem (meaning - seize the day)

*I hope this letter showed my need to go out and get something for myself. I'm on that road, you can come along too.*

Comments are welcome.

Street Talk

Enjoyed your article! I too enjoy a sharp dressed man! ;-)

  about 1 decade ago

Thanks Heather. I wish all the sloppy men in the world could line up and let me dress them up. lol

  about 1 decade ago
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