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Things To Bear In Mind Before Conceptualizing A Brand Logo
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If you are designing a logo for a brand, then client satisfaction should be given top priority. That's because the colors, graphics, images, and tagline should match with the theme of the business. You will be able to reflect the brand image of the company if these elements are relevant to the business.

In this article, we are going to discuss about the things one should examine before creating a brand logo.

Getting Familiar with The Business

You cannot give meaning to a brand if you are not familiar with it. For example, if your client is in the food and beverage sector, then you should know about the following:

-The type of cuisine the business specializes in.

-The target audience, i.e., their geographical location, age, gender, tastes and preferences, and also monthly income.

These factors will help you know about the company you are designing for.

Knowledge about Different Design Trends

When you design a logo, it is important to have sound knowledge on different trends, both old and contemporary ones. If your focus is on the food sector, then study examples of famous food and beverage companies. It will help you in conceptualizing ideas. You should have knowledge about iconic, text based, and illustrative logos. Have a word with your client to know which of these will be better suited for the business.

Logo Wording

If it's a text based, then it is better to include a catchy tagline. Analyze the words that best describe your client business. There might be some specific words that you think is suitable for best representing the company to its targeted audience. Before working on it, you should therefore give some time to pick out the right words to create an attention grabbing catch phrase.

Components to Exclude

Don't expect that the client will know every aspect of creating brand designs. You should be knowing what to include, and what not to. If your client doesn't want a specific element, then think why he disapproves of it. If you find that his argument is logical, then get rid of such elements. You should be avoiding the following at all cost:

-Cheap clip art, symbols or shapes that are free on the internet. These elements will make it look unprofessional and amateurish.

-Illegible or too curvy fonts. These are difficult to read.

-Graphics that are complicated, but have no meaning or purpose.

-Too many color combination that makes it look like a kaleidoscope !

-Unnecessary special effects or shadows.

Including these components will not only make it look cluttered, but also have a negative impact in the minds of your prospects.

The Right Color Scheme

This is the most significant aspect of creating brand identities. Not more than two colors should be chosen. First analyze what the company is all about, then choose the shades. A logo design company that truly values client satisfaction will always consider these factors. If it is a banking or financial institution, then blue is the right color for you. That's because blue is the color of trust and dependability.

The above aspects must be keep on mind before creating a brand logo. If you have some more ideas to share? Comment below.

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Also when in doubt do simple and timeless. It will evolve as your brand evolves if your not sure what you are doing yet. My logo was two leaves with my company name, it shifted well with everything I did.

  about 1 decade ago
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