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Web Design - How You Look To Your Traffic - Tutorials Included.
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Let's start right off with a little about me. Let's also assume that I know very little about web design except that I know a good one when I see it. I'm too old to learn HTML, I mean if I was in my twenties I probably know code like a second language i.e. like the genius from the Facebook movie. But that is not I. I need web design thats cheap, easy and resembles using an Etch-A-Sketch. (It's an old fashioned toy). From the months - M o n t h s - I spent searching You Tube, Google, etc. I found a lot of great cheap and free ways to get a page or pages designed. From going to the local web designers in my area I found that where one will charge $10k for a pretty nice E-commerce site another will do the same for about $3K. The first has you go to there large office to consult for the free obligatory hour of initial visit while the latter comes to your home. The first wants half up front and allows 7 - 10 hours of programming while the other will work with you until you are satisfied or thereabouts. Anyway E-commerce site aren't cheap so be careful you know what product(s) you are peddling so you can get a good ROI (return on "web site" investment. Where I was just looking to make a second income I put the expensive site away until a later date. My emphasis now will be on just a simple landing page or squeeze page that will house links to my affiliates and a place to collect much revered E-mail addresses and names. These pages will also locate new traffic by using articles such as this one to OPT-in or choose to go with what I offer. I have relied on YouTube a lot for finmding ways to accom[plish my goals, but with all digging or mining for the gold you have to go through a lot of dirt. I looked into WordPress and Blogger as template websites but found that WP's tutorials lacked the understanding that I was not raised on cyber cereal as a child. YouTube led me to many who are really trying to educate and teach the yearning masses not just throw a mile long squeeze page at us. Many like Wealthy Affiliates and Bum Marketing and Moe Muise helped me greatly find a path that I am now on.

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