How To Make Sure You Entrust Your Web Development To Professionals?
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How to Make Sure You Entrust Your Web Development to Professionals?

Whenever you decide to develop a website, you will be surprised to discover how many web design companies are at your disposal. To your greatest surprise they will speak a lot how good they are and ask you what you expect from your future website. But now it’s time for you to ask questions and for them to answer. Let me give you an idea of how to make them spill the beans. Just a few simple questions will be enough to make sure you entrust your website development to professionals. Carefully research the answers and choose the best Web development company for your project.

1. How Many years of Experience Does The Web development Company Have? Do They Have Any Special Awards?

Experience in the industry is a good proof of stability and hard working. Web Development companies with years in business have established their trustworthy reputation for outstanding design and approach to customers. More experienced company is more likely to be there for further support and regular website updates. Do you remember yourself being an amateur in what you are doing now? No one blames you for that but please admit that today your performance is much higher. The more time you are involved in any activity the more efforts you dedicate to it, the more passionate you become about it. Being experienced usually means being an expert in whatever you are doing. Web Design is certainly not an exception.

2. What is the number of Staff Members and What Are Their Roles within a Web Development company?

Speaking about effective Web Development companies it doesn’t necessarily mean that the more staff members it has the more successful your website will be. The most important are their roles.

3. Besides Website Design, What Other Services Does The Company Offer?

Most effective companies do not limit the range of their activities to Web Design and Web Development only. They try to extend this list to SEO, Logo Design, Web Content Writing, Blog Promotion, Social Media Marketing, E-Commerce Development and some other. Regardless of whether you need only a website or an additional possibility to promote it on the web, I highly recommend you to find a company which could easily handle any of the tasks mentioned above.

4. Is this Web Design Company going to collect your Business information and use it in the process of Website Development?

Professional Web Development companies often ask you answer certain questions to get better understanding of your overall website goals and needs. Even if the web development firm is full of highly trained experts in Web Design it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are experts in your industry. That’s why they have to ask you a lot to make this website as much your-business-like as possible.

5. What Are The Company’s Payment Terms?

Before making certain arrangements with your Web Development company, it’s important to make everything clear about payment deadlines. Trustful company will cross all the t's and dot all the i's to show you all the transparency of a situation.

If your web development company asks you to make all the payments before the project starts, it’s time to be become alert. It means there is something they are afraid of. Do not hesitate to settle all the payment issues. Otherwise, it may cost you much more than you intended to spend.

6. Does the Web Development company guarantee the Privacy Of Information?

If you want to get a high-quality website, your web development agency can’t do without access to very important information, which you wouldn’t like to distribute to third parties and especially to your competitors. What if somebody has a chance to steal your ideas? That’s why there must be a strong privacy policy to protect your information. Discuss this issue with your web development company to avoid unexpected surprises. Imagine yourself browsing through the websites of competitors and discovering your own ideas, your unique and precious ideas which you have been developing for months or even years. It’s not certainly the best situation. But so happens and that’s for you to decide who you’re going to pass your valuable information to.

7. How much time is it approximately going to take to complete your Web Development project?

Be curious about an average turn-around time for projects which are similar in size to your own. This will show you whether your web development company has relevant project management system. In case you have a certain deadline which is a must to meet, track the behavior of designers towards this and whether they are really interested in meeting it.

10. Is this Web Development company capable of Writing Content for your website?

SEO copywriting is a powerful tool which aims at promoting your website. Properly optimized, your website has a good chance to appear on the front pages of Search Engines. Every efficient company offers copywriting services. Be sure you ask them to show you the examples. What would be really great is to look at the sites within your industry.

11. What Operating Systems and Programming Languages are used by the Web Development Company?

If you have the slightest idea of that, web development companies use both open source PHP/MySQL and Asp-net programming languages. Ask web developers to provide you with the technical advice on which Platform would be the most relevant to suit your needs and budget.

13. What is included in Website Testing and Quality Checking? Are you allowed to have an access to your website while it’s still being developed?

Generally, the process of quality checking involves browser testing, checking for broken links and testing of general usability. This helps to ensure that the website is easy to navigate and visitors may easily make out what is what. If you have an ability to see the version of your website in the process of development, you will be able to interact with the designers about what you like and what you don’t. This way it would be easier for you to be involved in the process.

14. Are you allowed to Host your Website with any Other Company?

In some cases a web development company does not provide you any other options but to host your website with them. Of course you are so excited about creating your website that thinking about hosting would be too much. That won’t go this way. Everything has to be arranged in advance. What if you find a company whose hosting services would appeal to you more. Do not hesitate to go one step further and ask about hosting.

15. Are they going to teach you how to to manage your website?

If the website is operating with certain software, it would be much easier for you to have a clear idea of how to use it. Find out whether your web development company will give you any tutorial documents. In case this system is difficult to understand, it would be perfect to have a special training program. So make sure you receive great customer support before you make a decision about a web development agency.

16. Is This Web Development Company Capable of SEO? Have they included it in a quote?

Search Engine Optimization is very difficult to understand and moreover to deal with. Reliable Web Development company should be experienced in SEO and providing internet marketing solutions. Choose a company which will help you get the most desirable results with your business campaign.

17. How much does it cost to update your website after it is already completed?

Before ordering website development, you should think about future website redesigns, how often you will need them and how much will have to be changed. Ask your website design company about future website redesign price and the conditions of maintenance. In case you have to update your website quite often, Content Management System would be the best option for you. It will come in handy to you if you are planning to make regular and frequent changes on your website.

18. Do you have to get a website bug fixed at additional cost? Do you need to pay for small changes?

In most cases web development companies fix the bugs or apply slight changes free of charge. But of course there are companies which will charge you even for the smallest change on your website, especially if it is not the bug. Usually web development agencies provide you with several designs for you to approve the one you like most. You will then be involved in each stage of web design process. Every step which is approved by the client is regarded to be finished. When you go back and ask for certain changes – it may cost you money. But it all depends on a company you’ve chosen and their customer support.

I hope you now understand how important it is to put right questions to your web design company. Wrong decision may result in the most disappointing results possible. These 18 questions will help you find out more about the company and avoid undesirable surprises. Learn your web development company from different angles and don’t let it play tricks on you.

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