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How To Write Good Content
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How to Write Good Content

If the framework is the skeleton of a website, the content would have to be the blood and guts! Content is the single most important factor for determining the success or failure of your website. A lot of webmasters like to branch off and become very good at a single aspect of the game but they all respect that you need to know how to write good content to be successful.


Keywords are how you will be getting search traffic. You should be targeting a main keyword by placing it once in your title, meta title, meta description, and first paragraph. After that, just let the content flow naturally. Trying to stuff your content with your keyword(s) will both upset the natural flow and raise alarm bells with Google for "keyword stuffing."

Writing a bunch of related content also serves the purpose of getting you ranked on many keywords that are found in the text. So you see, just by producing a lot of content, you will have more and more opportunities to get search traffic!


You should be writing with your own style. This both gives your content it's own unique flare and allows you to be a lot more consistent with your work; you can not pretend to be someone you aren't forever! Think of it as a conversation and the keyword as a question; you're just trying to answer that question as you would with a family member or friend. Doing it like this will lead to a lot more trust from your audience as you become more human and personable through your words. Remember: human is good because it builds trust.


You should not only take into consideration what it is you want to convey but also who it is you are communicating with. A common mistake website owners make is being too technical with their content and using concepts that they should have taken the time to explain before-hand(a good internal linking opportunity!).

You also need to know how to package this information that you have. When it comes to communication, delivery is often more important than what you have to say when it comes to the reaction you get. The most important part about packaging is emotion. Your writing will naturally have it's own tone(whether you are aware of it yourself or not) that gets passed on to the audience. Emotions play a huge role in the decision making process for most so be sure you are always aware of the emotion being passed on.


This is where you get what YOU are after; social sharing and sales! You should always be subtle but consistent with your "nudges." Come on too strong and your audience will be scared away but too weak and it will be ineffective on the attention deficit disorder minds that click on your content.

The reason I added purpose last is because it really should be on the bottom of your list of priorities. While this might sound strange at first remember that a website is a resource first and a business second. You need to build trust before you make sales. The best way to build trust is to contain your content within a single niche and become an authority on the matter. All of your content will accumulate to make you seem more and more like a leader in the field just so long as it is quality and consistent!

Street Talk

Joan S  

Excellent advice.

  about 9 years ago

As marketers I don't think that we can be reminded enough of how important these fundamentals are. "Resource first business second" I agree.

  about 9 years ago

It IS business. The foundation of all web business.

  about 9 years ago
Anna Ware  

Thank you, it gives me room for thought.

  about 9 years ago

You won`t succeed without understanding at least this!

  about 9 years ago
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