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Learn How To Make A Website
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Learn How to Make A Website

I'm glad that you wanted to learn how to make a website!

Few years ago, I also wanted to learn how to make a website and I kept on searching lessons from the internet. However instead of learning how, I was just frustrated by two extremes.

The first extreme was that, it is too technical and I really couldn't understand those programming and coding techniques. I'm thinking of enrolling to a short course in programming but I didn't have the time and money. I then searched for easier ways but most are showing those free and less professional site building which of course is not the one I'm looking for.

I thought I was done and it's hard for me to learn how to make a website so I'll just leave that skill for others. However, the burning desire to learn how to do it is still inside of me. So while learning also how to make money in the internet, I enrolled to Wealthy Affiliate University and I didn't know I'll also learn how to make a website from there. I was really surprised that even a newbie in website building like me can now make a professional looking site. Let me then share the easy way on how to create your own site that I learned.

Easy Steps on How to Make A Website

1. Choose a topic

Just choose a topic that you will want to focus into your site like photography, love and relationship, a review of a certain product, places to visit, or whatever you like.

2. Get a domain name

You have to get a domain name that will serve as the label and address for your site. You can just use anything you want like your name or a phrase that is related to your chosen topic. It's also good to search for a rich keyword that has large search volumes and low website competition. You can do this in google Adwords for free. Once you found one, you can use that as your domain name.

3. Host your site somewhere

You can then find a web hosting company to host your site. There are so many sites out there where you can have your site hosted.

4. Design your site

Web designing should not be so hard as well. You can even design your site in the company where you had it hosted.

5. Add contents to your site

Just place your web contents such as your opinions, reviews and anything you wanted to say in your site. This can be in article, photo, or video forms.

6. Share your site

While adding contents to your site, you must then share it to others for you to have more visitors. learning the basics of search engine optimization is also great for you to attract more people to your site.

Those steps were also foreign to me before. However, I realized that following those simple steps is easy. It's no longer complicated to learn how to make a website these days.

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