Sitefinity Versus Dotnetnuke – Which Platform To Consider
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Sitefinity Versus Dotnetnuke – Which Platform to Consider

Sitefinity and DotNetNuke are both popular content management systems which work on the ASP DOT NET technology. However, developers undergo a constant dilemma when it comes to selecting a framework for their development needs.

Here are a few considerations that will help you make a well informed decision –

1. The Framework of these Platforms

Sitefinity is typically implemented with the help of a standard ASP DOT NET Master Page model. Any Sitefinity Developers India or any other developer for that matter who owns the base ASP>NE web form development skill can join the development with great ease.

On the other hand, the DotNetNuke framework is implemented based on the ASP DOT NET User Control model, which comes with a custom standard. The developer is required to get familiarized with the DNN development rules before they can start their project.

2. Extension Development

Sitefinity extension development can be pursued in various ways. Some of the most commonly employed methods include master pages, custom content types, widgets and modules. Sitefinity Development India based companies state that it is important for developers to base the ASP DOT NET development rule to perform this. The Sitefinity platform also provides the code templates within the system. This helps developers in easily generating relative codes for each module. Also the same features can be implemented in different ways in sitefinity.

However, with DotNetNuke extension development, even though it is also based on the custom development rules for skins, modules, containers etc., it has been found that Sitefinity provides a relatively more flexible extension development capability with clearer rules.

3. Workflow Management

While Sitefinity supports custom workflow directly, that is not the case with DotNetNuke.

4. Telerik RadControls Support

It has been found that the DotNetNuke Community has limitations when it comes to the use of Telerik AJAX controls. DNN developers are only able to use the Telerik Controls Wrapper. However, Sitefinity developers India are at a major advantage in this case.

5. Other Comparisons

It has also been found that Sitefinity offers a much better end user experience from the back end perspective when compared with the DNN framework. This includes features such as the drag and drop designing and online layout designing.

One area in which the DNN framework surpasses Sitefinity is the deployment of modules, which is easier with DNN due to the clear rules.

Sitefinity is more versatile when it comes to online document supporting when compared to DNN.

DNN offers multiple portal supports, a feature that does not exist with Sitefinity.

Sitefinity comes with a content version management feature where administrators are able to easily restore older versions of the same content anytime they want to.

In sitefinity, it is possible for developers to use master pages and themes from the Visual studio to easily build templates. All you need to do is combine the master page and theme and upload it on to your product.

Development of modules and plugins is fairly easy on the Sitefinity platform.

Here, it is also possible for developers to see the live demo site with great ease.

All in all, Sitefinity can be safely compared to a light level SharePoint when it comes to its CMS features that support a comprehensive range of functions. DNN on the other hand is ideal to build a website where budget is a constraint.

Author Bio:

Sanjeev Chuadhary is an expert writer who shares his knowledge about web development through their published articles and other resource. He always shares the new information about Sitefinity Development India. His article about Sitefinity Developers India and DNN Developer are highly praised by the readers.

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