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The History Of The Personal Website
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The History Of the Personal Website

A personal website is any website which deals with content of a personal nature as opposed to company websites, websites for institutions, and those for organizations. Personal web pages are often characterized as containing information that may only be interesting to the creator of the page and their family or friends. They can contain anecdotal stories, opinions, or really anything the author feels like posting to the internet. In modern times personal web pages are everywhere. With blogging platforms like blogger, tumblr, and wordpress these sorts of websites are by no means uncommon. It has not always been this way however. So how exactly did personal web pages get started and catch on?

The 90's

The first personal web pages were provided by internet service providers in the early 90s. These were small personal profile pages that were free along with a Usenet news services. Another form of personal web pages popular in the 90s were the personal pages provided along with Geocities web hosting services. These pages were also provided free of additional charge and were more complex than those offered by internet service providers. The Geocities personal web pages offered a simple interface which allowed the user to add additional features such as a guest book. Another exciting development for personal web pages in the 90s was the development of blogs. The first blog is said to have been created in 1994 by a college student. These were originally referred to as open diaries with the word blogging not becoming commonly used until around the millennium. With the popularity of blogs catching on the usage of the geocities and internet service providers steadily declined.

The 2000's

The dot-com collapse of the early 2000's did away with many of the previous internet service providers and thereby added to the decline of internet service provider based personal websites. Blogging also began to catch on more and more in the early 2000s. Blog hosting services like Open Journal, Live Journal, and Blogger helped to bring blogging to a wider audience by making it more accessible. It is at this time period that individuals began creating politically oriented blogs. This helped to further boost the popularity of blogs and blogging and also helped to bring it into the mainstream consciousness. Blogs really began to pick up momentum and speed in the mid 2000's. Around this time blogs began to be used as news services as well. This prompted more internet users to pay attention to blogs eventually resulting in the large role blogs play today in media.


Social networks such as facebook, myspace, and twitter have largely replaced personal web pages. This is do to the fact that social networking services do not require the user to be as adept at web design. Personal web pages are still very commonly provided for celebrities and members of news networks etc. on their organizations websites. Though the way personal web pages manifest themselves on the internet is always changing it is clear the internet will always be geared towards display of personal information.

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