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If you presently have a multimedia mobile phone that is capable of Internet access, you’ve probably surfed the Internet to find what you’re looking for, right? Did it ever occur to you that you were viewing a mobile version of a website? Let's talk a little about what makes that possible. Mobile web hosting.

Mobile web hosting is, at its core, really no different than sitting in front of your home computer, except with a few differences. Those differences are important in that if you think about it, aren’t most people searching for something much more specific while they’re using a mobile phone? For example, say a person is walking on a downtown sidewalk and decides to watch a movie. “What’s playing?” the person thinks to himself. A search for what’s playing is easily done on their phone, and instantly, a list of the local movie theaters appears, with the current movies and times. Similarly, getting directions is just as easy. How handy is that?

Having the ability to search while on the go is becoming the norm, rather than the exception in today’s unbelievably hectic world, don’t you agree? So then, having a website optimized for mobile use is an area that is critically important to your success as an online marketer. My point is that I wouldn’t ignore this part of the Internet if you’re an aspiring marketer. To drive my point home, I heard just the other day that something like 90% of the Internet active population in Japan uses their phones as their primary means to access the Internet! Pretty amazing. It won’t be too much longer until statistics like this will be common in the United States as well, wouldn’t you agree?

There are a few aspects of mobile web hosting that are a little different that what you might be used to. Here are a few of the more important ones:

  • The keywords used for mobile searching are shorter and much more specific. Remember my “What’s playing?” example?
  • The search results are shorter, too. This means that you need to use more targeted keywords. No long phrases.
  • Your website needs to be optimized for mobile use. It needs to load quickly!
  • Some hosting companies allow for mobile optimization. Check with yours, or a do a search for a mobile specific hosting company.
  • Because not all phones will present your website exactly as it was intended, check with your mobile hosting company for a "content adaptation" option.

Previously, I’ve talked much about web hosting and writing articles to become successful in Internet marketing, and I feel that mobile web hosting is another avenue that really should be considered as a viable marketing tool. Have fun with this!

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