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Bridal Shower
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A unique occasion to express genuine love and best wishes and give invaluable gifts to the bride to be who is close to your heart is by bridal shower. To make sure that the day is indelibly engraven on the bride's mind and it would be remembered for a long time, we should have a suitable plan, whether it is a big bash or simple party, which would guarantee a very successful time. Included in the plan are the shower timeline, a theme, the type of decorations, gifts, invitations, quotes and games.

Things of the bride's interest, style and personality should be reflected in theme of bridal shower. If the bride likes travelling and is planning to travel to Hawaii for her honeymoon, it would be appropiate to give as a gift a travel map, a bikini or suitable luggage bags or tags about Hawai. The gifts have a special way of making the bride feel exited and builds her confidence in those who express their love.

A suitable chosen theme would be the nucleus on which the other aspects of the shower shine. The party would be smashing if there is suitable sober music, and everything , including decorations, favors ,gifts ,invitations and they are well coordinated with the theme.

One of the most important aspects of bridal shower is the choice of decorations, shower favors,and all supplies. Some of the special favors are hand bags, dress cookies, tea bags, measuring spoons, and candy bars. All these should be a vital part of the planning phase, because the appearance of these bring the shower to life .One can use creativity to come up with their original favors. Selecting the right party decorations will add to the ambiance of the party setting.

Special effort should be made to use the stylish, timeless, modern shower invitations which would also reflect the theme used for bridal shower. There are invitations that can be designed according to recommendations.

A shower without games can be a very dull occasion. There are shower games that are simple and should be available so that all can participate. The games should provide immense fun and entertainment for all age groups.

Without food, bridal shower will not be complete. Every guest can bring a container with special prepared food and the recipe accompanying it. This is a good opportunity to give the bride a list of recipes for future use. There should be delicious snacks and appetizers highlighting the theme of the shower. For a christian party, fruits, apples, and grapes are the ideal snacks. For extra enhancement of this area of the shower, the menu should carry the theme of the shower. It would be wise to serve food in dishes which show one of the favorite food recipes of the bride. The cake should be designed to fit perfectly.

What is a party without drinks? There should be suitable drinks for those who do not consume alcholic drinks as well as considering the taste of the children. Careful thought should be given to venue that is chosen for the shower so as to minimise the distractions and negative disturbances that would interfere with the shower.

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