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Choosing The Right Car Hire Company For Your Wedding
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Choosing the right wedding car for you and your partner should be done carefully and with some thought. You should have the right car for your big day.

You want to arrive at the ceremony in the best and most stunning vehicle possible.

There are a few cars and lets not forget horse and carriages that you can choose from.

For example you could use a Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Lexus, Mercedes or a carriage drawn by horses. There are also hire firms that loan super cars such as the Austin Martin and Ferrari, these would be a stunning way to start your wedding day and your wedding photographer would have a field day taking those reportage images.

Things that you need to know about hiring a car:

Will the Mothers and Bridesmaids require a vehicle to get to the ceremony?

A wedding car for the Groom and the Best man

You could possibly need a transfer from the reception to your hotel at the end of the evening.

Will there be an offer for champagne during the journey to and from the ceremony

Can the driver take the bride and groom to a destination for wedding photography

What colors of cars are on offer?

Can the traditional v ribbons be tied to the vehicle?

Is there a parcel shelf in the car for flowers?

Will there be any additional cost if the venue is a considerable distance.

Is there a charge for VAT?

Is there a another wedding on that day with this car

Are all the cars owned by the company?

Can the cars be viewed before the wedding?

What happens if the car breaks down? Will another car be provided?

Are the wedding cars available during a weekday?

Can the driver make a second trip for close family members?

Do you cater for all the Home Counties?

What kind of payment do you accept, credit card, debit card or PayPal?

For how long do we have the hire of the car?

How many people can travel in the car?

Will you require a deposit to hold my booking?

Make sure the driver has umbrellas just in case of a rainy day.

Do they plan and rehearse the journey beforehand?

Its wise to search for at least three hire companies and compare there prices and condition of there cars.

If you follow all these points your hiring of your wedding carriage will be a good experience and you should be arriving to the church on time and get some great wedding photographs of you stepping from your carriage. Make a point of getting your wedding photographer get some shots of you sipping champagne in your car.

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