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Hen Party On A Budget
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Due to the current economic climate not everyone can splash out at their Hen Party these days, but don't let this get you down! You don't have to spend loads of cash to have a good time!

So what can you do on a small budget? Well plenty!

You don't have to go out for your Hen Party. Your home can be a great venue.

Start off by make your own invitations. This can be alot of fun and you can let your imagination run wild. Decide on a theme for the evening and get your guests to dress accordingly. Make sure the invitations and decorations all compliment your theme for your party. Some good ideas are a Mexican theme, 80's Disco, Pirates and Sailors, Cowgirls, Beach Party and the old classic Pjama Party, everyone can wear their pj's.

Once you have the invitations and decorations sorted. The next thing to do decide what meal you would like to serve. A 3 course meal is always a favourite. What you can do is ask your guests to contribute some money towards the meal. Then with that money you can buy ingredients for a fabulous 3 course dinner. A starter, main meal and dessert. Well you know how much women love chocolate, so maybe the dessert could be a chocolate fountain. That will be something different and something really special.

A great idea to help cut costs is to ask your guests to bring with them thier favourite drink or a bottle of champagne for the evening. At least that way you can be sure there will be enough alcohol and other drinks to see you through the night. If you have enough money left over from the food shopping, then maybe get some ingredients to make cocktails. Everyone loves cocktails and they are fun way to get the party started!

So once you have decided on the theme, sent out the invitations and bought all the ingredients for the dinner and cocktails. Now make sure you have the music to play throughout the night and something that you can dance too. In my experience, home dinner parties have always ended up with everyone on the makeshift dance floor. If you don't have the current tunes, then ask your guests to bring the ipods along.

House parties are always fun. I've always enjoyed going to a house party. Everyone seems to be more relaxed and more enthusiastic to do fun things. So get a couple of games ready to help keep the evening full of entertainment.

Remember a Hen Party is supposed to be fun and memorable, but the best part is actually Planning it!

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