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How To Make Gerbera Daisy Arrangements
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Gerbera Jamesonii is believed to be a flower of all seasons and is linked with strength and purity. It also symbolizes happiness. Both flower arrangers and florists like it the most. Gardeners also like to grow this flower. Its home was Asian countries and it is still grown in African and South America. Let us talk about Gerbera daisy arrangements.

The Gerbera is associated with the sunflower family. It has more than 150 species and scores of cultivars that are available in different colors and shapes. These flowers are popular because of their lurid large heads and some of them grow up to 4 inches wide.

You can divide Gerbera Daisies into 5 categories. Let us have a quick look at each of the group. First category is of single a flower that has non-overlapping beautiful petals having green center. These flowers are the most common.

Another category consists of double flowers. These flowers have a dual rows of overlapping petals. Crested doubles is another category. This category of flowers also comprises dual rows of overlapping petals containing one or more rows of smaller petals inside along with deep red, black or green eye. These flowers make best Gerbera daisy arrangements.

Next is the full-crested doubles. These flowers consist of strong overlapping rows of petals. Moreover, it has an ever diminishing inside rows of petals that covers the entire eye.

Gerbera daisies have lovely shapes. Moreover, its stunning colors that range from reds, vibrant purples, creams, yellows and whites make these flowers so special. Therefore, gerbera daisy arrangements are made in order to increase the beauty of an environment.

Due to the versatility of these flowers, it is possible to use these flowers in various types of arrangements. For Christmas, you can combine dark red with scarlet gerberas and pinecones in order to create a beautiful arrangement. In spring, on the other hand, you can combine salmon with pink gerberas. This will make a perfect gerbera daisy arrangement and will attract the eyes of people present there.

For Valentine’s Day, you can use shaded red flowers for arrangements. Brilliant colors, such as orange and yellow are in great demand in summer. While you can use other shades of dark orange, white, creams and pale yellows for fall. Gerbera daisies symbolize purity as well as strength. Moreover, each color of daisy flower has a different story to tell. For example, white symbolizes honesty and innocence. Yellow refers to the desire to impress. Orange flowers symbolize hope. Fiery red refers to passionate love. This is why gerbera daisy arrangements are so popular among people.

It can be a bit difficult to arrange real gerberas because they should be wired; however, they can be transformed into “silk” blooms. And it does not even reduce the beauty of these flowers. Like silk hydrangeas, silk gerberas are one of the most realistic artificial blooms. A bunch of gerbera daisy flowers can bring smile to the faces of its viewers, so do create gerbera daisy arrangements if you really like these flowers and want to make a stunning flower arrangement.

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