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Maid Of Honor Speech Ideas - You're Guide To A Great Speech
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Maid Of Honor Speech Ideas  -  You\'re Guide to A Great Speech

Congratulations on being named maid of honor. It is a sign of great adoration, showing you are one of the closest people to the bride, and she wants to honor you at the wedding.

Although it is a great honor, you also have deal with plenty of daunting tasks, which includes, the speech or toast. And you need maid of honor speech ideas. There are plenty of things you can say, things you should say, and things you should avoid.

In this article we are going to cover the following maid of honor speech ideas:

  • Funny Maid of Honor Speech
  • Sentimental Maid of Honor Speech
  • Singing Your Speech (yes people actually do this, haha)

Funny Maid of Honor Speech

Giving a funny speech is a great idea, but you have to be careful not to go overboard with it. You're not doing a stand up comedy act here. So you'll want to include a funny story that you can tie into a touching statement.

For example, this is something I would say for my sister (true story):

"I remember when I was six and my older brother was nine. We were both playing in the sandpit when a kid around ten started bullying us. Now you would expect my older brother to be the one to stick up for me, but no. Instead it was my four year old sister who came to both of our rescue. So here she comes, weighing 20 pounds, chasing this 100 pound kid all over the park while yelling that no one messes with her family. Which something she still carries with her today, a strong sense of family. So to the parents of the groom, you don't have to worry about your son, he is in good hands"

A speech with some humor helps a lot because it lightens up the stress on you and allows you to deliver more like your talking to friends.

Sentimental Maid of Honor Speech

This is a big day for the bride, so you may be more comfortable giving a sentimental speech. When doing this you can't go wrong with coming from the heart.

Let everyone know how long you guys have known each other, and how she has been there for you during a tough time, if applicable, and let her know how happy you are for her, and how thankful you are for you guys being friends.

Again, you can't go wrong here if you go from the heart.

Singing a Speech

Another maid of honor speech idea is singing the speech. If you're someone who enjoys being silly and goofy, this may be for you. Most everything I see is a rap. It is even funnier if you can't really rap. But just take the music from an old popular rap song, and write your own lyrics.

There are several examples and ideas of this on youtube so you can actually see this and decide if it is for you.

I hope this information helps you on your way to preparing a great speech. Again I would like to congratulate you and the bride, and I hope the big day is perfect.

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