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The Beautifully Budgeted Wedding
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The Beautifully Budgeted Wedding

Congratulations on Your Engagement, if this is your current situation.

In most cases, there is a rush to become Husband and Wife, but there should never be a case of rushing into debt. This plan will show you the step-by-step processes, tips, and financial advice that will save you thousands of dollars! Simple guidelines, and instructions, that a couple would've never considered. You will see how the authors of this plan, Tim and Lisa Spooner, negotiated the wedding of their dreams for far less than $5000, and show you the proof!

On the Steve Harvey show, dated November 20, 2012, survey results stated the average wedding costs are $26,130! These calculations were taken by a national survey. This should start your creative juices flowing immediately! If not, sit down, grab a cup of coffee, and let's get to work.

Do We Really Need This, Do We Have To Have That, Must This Be New?

Consider the millions of couples that have been married before you! Where are all of those wedding items located now? This is the time when you can actually locate items that have only been used once! "Seek, and you shall find!" Once a wedding is over, it's over. The memories can only last so long in a storage facility. Locate a few couples that you know have just gotten married and ask, " Where's Your Wedding Stuff?" Make some deals, call some people, go on eBay! Activate the smart-shopper that you already have in you. The most beautifully budgeted wedding is right at your fingertips! This is the time to really look for deals. Refuse to give up on your dream wedding because of limited finances, and push your own limitless creativity. Getting involved with this system will allow any financially strapped couple’s wedding dreams, come true! There is so much information accessable, including A Free PDF Booklet on planning a budgeted wedding, to get you started!

Why This Plan Created

At various times of our lives, we've all have spent money we didn't have. Even though this will be the biggest event of your lives together, it shouldn't be one of the times you spend above your limits! You still have constants that must be addressed; rent, light, gas, car payments, and emergencies, to name a few. Know exactly what you plan to spend on your wedding, and stick to it! Although, it may hurt for a moment realizing you can't afford what you think you really need, but saying 'NO' will benefit your creativity in planning your beautifully budgeted wedding.

This plan was created because most newlywed couples are not happy with the options available for planning the elegant wedding. It can be done, and the proof is in the plan. Starting a life together with financial stress, becomes nothing but a means to an end! Always keep in mind, after the wedding, and honeymoon are over, you still have to start married life. Don't begin your dream life together in debt!

Don't Settle For Anything Less Than Perfect

These are just a few of so many tips that are needed to keep your beautifully budgeted wedding at a level you both will enjoy! Get a cup of coffee, sit down together, and click above. You won't regret it!

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