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Want A Hens Party With A Difference
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Want to do something amazing for your Hen Night that you will remember and laugh about forever? Well, I have a few ideas for you to do instead of being too naughty!

The first idea is my personal favourite. How about a fire engine tour! It is a lot of fun and the thought of driving around town with hot fireman definitely gets my sirens going. There are also many limo companies that will hire a limo for a Hens Party where you can drink champagne and party the night in stile.

Alternatively you can invite the girls around and make your own sexy pants! Yes, you read right, there is a company called Party Pants that will come to the venue of your choice and teach you how to make your own sexy knickers. If this should take your fancy, you can get crafty and make a pair of knickers with your pals. Party Pants will come to your venue of choice and serve cupcakes and champagne while you 'stich before you hitch!'. This can be the focus of your evening or if you really must, you can pop them on over your trousers and hit the clubs.

Another great idea if you are the creative type, is to try a spot of nude life drawing. Believe it or not there are companies that offer hen night specials for this.

If cooking is more your style, you could go on a cookery class with your girlfriends. Most will show you how to prepare a swanky meal in their kitchens, and you all sit down together and eat, washing it down with a healthy glass or two of wine. If cooking a full on meal is not quite what you are looking for, then how about spending an afternoon with your lady friends making beautiful cupcakes. also host hen parties where they teach you how to make and decorate gorgeous little cupcakes which will really get your creative juices flowing.

What about a Sex in the City party? There are many bars around the UK that professionally host Cocktail Making Parties with a top mixologist in a fun, social bar location. Under expert instruction you will learn to make a variety of classic and contemporary cocktails, all with your own fress seasonal ingredients and professional equipment at your table. You will be cocktail making and shaking like a pro after this fun event!

Have you ever wanted to be a CSI or detective? Then how about hosting a Murder Mystery Party? You can host it yourself or book with a murder myster company to organise and handle everything for you.There are companies that hosts these types of parties in the UK. They normally send hosts from the company to your party or venue of your choice, who will then control the event and help move the plot along. Everything will be organised and handled for you, from invitations to meals. The bride to be will even be given the main role to play in the plot of course. This is really a fun and different way to celebrate your hens night.

If you would like more information on thes e companies and more ideas for your hen party, please take a look at my site I have a list of the things to do, great venues around the UK and links to other fabulous websites that will help make your Hens Night a success.

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