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Wedding Photography: Picture The Perfect Memory
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Hiring a wedding photographer can be a very nerve-wracking, expensive proposition. You want someone who comes highly regarded in their field. One who will capture all of the moments that you think are important without getting caught up in his own artistic agenda. You want someone whose work is beyond reproach and delivered in a timely manner. And you want all of this for a price that fits in your budget.

Wedding photography is not just an afterthought, not just an accessory type service, it is a very important way for you to immortalize this very important day in your life, a tangible way to relieve precious memories and something to show to people in the future or to send to distant relatives who could not attend. Make sure that you have hired the best person for the job with the following questions:

1. How much experience do you have and what is your formal training? Do not hire a photographer for his very first gig even if you know him. Training may or may not be as important to you, but proven results should be. Ask to see a portfolio.

2. What are your rates and how are the charges figured out? Some charge per hour, some per event. Some charge for a set number of photos or rolls of film. Some charge extra once the pictures come back. Do not leave anything up to chance- get an exact price for the entire service from start to finish and get it in writing. IN WRITING!

3. Pay attention to body language and facial expressions during the interview process. If the photographer appears bored, disconnected or otherwise uninterested before he even gets the job, how will he be when he does get it?

Of course, during these tough economic times, limiting the budget may mean making some sacrifices. Some couples are opting for less and making some tough choices to stretch their dollar a little further. If this is the case, instead of hiring a professional photographer at his full rate, consider this:

1. Use the photographer for just the ceremony, or have professional photos of the bride and groom in their wedding finery after the wedding day. (If you go to their studio it may be slightly cheaper.)

2. Forgo the photographer altogether and hand out disposable cameras at the door to be collected as the guests leave the reception. You will get a lot of shots of cousin Sandy’s sleeping baby and a lot of thumbs mixed in, but you will be shocked at the beautiful and fresh perspectives that you will get from such an eclectic group of “photographers”.

As long as you have a few shots of the wedding and the reception to put in your photo album, you should be okay. After all, you can always fill books and books with photos of your life together and that is the important thing.

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