What’s Your Bridal Style?
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When you think of your dream wedding, what do you think of it being filled with?

A) Champagne, chandeliers and all that is elegant and refined.

B) Everything handmade, personalised and unique.

C) Atmospheric with long-stemmed roses and all the other things I’ve dreamed about ever since I was a little girl.

D) Nothing that guests will expect; it must be dramatic, edgy and very, very different.

When it comes to the frock do you think:

A) Sleek and chic.

B) An up-styled charity shop find.

C) Not quite meringue, but can you say ballgown?

D) More is more!

How will you wear your hair?

A) A classic updo with a hair ornmanent to jazz it up a little.

B) I’d like a few braids, and maybe even a headband.

C) A cascade of romantic curls, loosely pinned and very pretty.

D) Nothing typically bridal anyway, something punky would be fab.

My wedding style is:

A) Timeless and classy.

B) Very much DIY.

C) A fitting acknowledgement of the best day of my life.

D) Flair-filled and memorable.

My friends would describe me as:

A) Stylish, sophisticated and groomed.

B) Free spirited and creative.

C) Dreamy, sensual and sensitive.

D) Exciting and controversial.

My bridesmaids will be:

A) Elegant and streamlined.

B) Eclectic and non-matching.

C) Mismatched in terms of styles but all wearing the same colours.

D) Bridesmaids? Not for me.

Our signature drink will be:

A) A classic Champagne cocktail, which always goes down a treat.

B) Elderflower and gin fizz served in mismatched goblets.

C) A pomegranate martini – the colour is so pretty.

D) Bacon-maple Manhattans. Nobody is going to forget a meaty cocktail.

Mostly A: You are the classic with a twist bride: Elegance, low-key glamour and good taste all define you. You’ll never do anything frou frou or OTT and this filters down to everything from your dress to your music. That’s not to say you’re predictable... You just happen to want the best.

Mostly B: You are the charmingly boho bride: Blowing a fortune on a traditional wedding wouldn’t be your style – it wouldn’t reflect your quirky, engaging personality. Going DIY is more your thing. You don’t want anything to be too polished, and that goes for your hair as well as your table settings.

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Mostly C: You are the wildly romantic bride: You can’t understand people who opt for low key weddings, your wedding is the biggest day in your life and a celebration of your love. You want to honour that and so you want the fairytale. This means a lavish dress, a magical venue and a memorable day.

Mostly D: You are the non‑conformist bride: Of course you want to take centre stage on your wedding day–what bride doesn’t? It’s not that you’re trying to be different for the sake of it or that you hate ritual. Your choices are just a reflection of your eclectic tastes.

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