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Which Wedding Theme To Choose?
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Another of those difficult decisions you need to make when planning a wedding is which theme are you going to use? There are those that are tried and tested and those that are quirky and unique and thousands of different ideas in between! The most important thing about choosing a theme for your wedding is finding one that reflects your personalities, interests and relationships.

Here I'm going to explore some popular ideas that will hopefully interest and inspire you.

Seasonal Theme

A very popular one, probably because it's convenient to pull off which ever season you decide to have your wedding day. It's especially good for couples on a tight budget to cut costs with out cutting so many corners. For example, you would pick flowers that are in season which florists would not have to import and thus lowering the cost. Also it could be more attractive to you to have an Autumn or Winter wedding (excluding christmas and new year) where you would benefit from off peak rates.

Flower Theme

Many brides choose to pick a favorite flower or a flower that means a great deal to them and build their wedding day around that. Another good idea for a flower themed wedding is to use the Language of Flowers known as Florigraphy, commonly used in the Victorian era for people, namely lovers to send coded messages to each other. You could use your flower arrangements to tell each other how much you love each other, to tell a story of how to came to be together, or perhaps to share your hopes and aspirations of married life together.

Sports/Hobbies Theme

Lots of couples are brought together by their passion for sports and it can be a great way to incorporate your passion for sports into their wedding day. And I'm sure there are lots of grooms out there who would love nothing more than to see his bride walking down the aisle in nothing but a football shirt! Now, it doesn't have to be that obvious, but can be as simple as using your teams colours in the theme, your chosen sports style wedding favors. Part of your entertainment could be getting your guests to participate in your sport. Maybe you're both mountain climbers-a wedding to a backdrop of Mount Everest? The possibilities are endless!

Cinderella/Fairytale Theme

Ok, if not done well, can end up very trashy. I'm sure I don't need to mention any celebrities names for you to know who I'm talking about! But I'd say almost every girl out there grew up hoping to be the next Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. So what's really so wrong with dressing up and acting like a Princess for the day? Don't be afraid to theme your wedding to what your inner Little Girl wants!

Beach Theme

Now why not take your favourite beach and get married there? They can be very cheap, intimate affairs or you can book your own private beach! You've got a stunning backdrop all ready for you. Well, you don't even have to go to a beach to get married. You could use Great British Seaside memorabilia style favors and decorations, import a faux beach, a few palm trees and beach balls, make it fun! Why not?

I hope these suggestions have inspired you on your wedding planning journey. The most important things I think you should think of when picking a wedding theme is to have fun with it, let it express who you are and enjoy it. This is one of the biggest parts of planning your wedding and unleashing your creativity and style. Good luck!

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