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Why Hire A Wedding Photographer?
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Why Hire A Wedding Photographer?

As a seasoned Wedding Photographer, I would like to give you some tips on what you should NOT do, and what's better for the long run for you, your significant other, and your family.

Note: Notice how I didn't put photographer there.

It's December, and it's near Christmas. You and your boyfriend are so much in love, and out of the bloom--not on Christmas, not on New Years, but 3 days before Christmas. He asks you to marry him. Big emotions of "YES!" scream through you, and both of you are so very excited on how you would like to spend your entire life with that person.

Christmas passes, and you of course, let your families know about your engagement, your new fiance', and of course that beautiful rock on your finger. Friends and family asked about all of the details, where it happened, how it happened, when it happened, etc. Your mother asks you, where are you getting married, when are you getting married, they know "why" so that's not asked, but remember: You just got engaged!

It's almost overwhelming with what's going on, especially because it's right before Christmas. Then Uncle Fred pop's the "I'll photograph your wedding for Free!" For free! You think. Oh, great, not one more expense to have. You tell him, Ok, I'll think about it, and of course, thank him for the offer.

So, you start planning your wedding. Where the hall is, and those rediculous down payments you have to make before the wedding. Thank God your parents just took out a 3rd loan to pay for your wedding! Then the dress appointments, the cake, the trinkets, the meal details, and on and on and on.

What about the photographer? Oh, yeah that's right, Uncle Fred is doing it. Or, should he? Well, he said he'd give it to you as a gift. Should you accept?

Let's look at these two scenarios:

  1. Uncle Fred does do your wedding, and things then go wrong. He forgot to charge his batteries, forgot the film/digital cards for the camera. And the lense isn't auto focus, or it's broken. But hey, it's free, and it's Uncle Fred!
  2. You hire a professional photographer, one that has been doing it for many years, has experience, and has a lot of different examples for you, and he includes engagement photos. Hmmm, he costs $2500, wow, that's a lot of money...But, those memories will last FOREVER! I mean, like, at least 50-60 years, unless something horrible happens to your spouse.

Let's look at what FOREVER looks like:

Uncle Fred has taken the responsibility to photograph your wedding. He really messes it up. Let's look at the worst case scenarious, ok. You won't be able to look at Uncle Fred for as long as you are married, or at least the next 10 years! OK, let's look at the positive's. Uncle Fred can do a good job on photographing your wedding, pictures come out nice, and you have saved a few dollars. DO You really want to take that chance?

You hired that professional, and he does a great job on your wedding, and of course, you can't have your pictures in 2 days, because he wants them to be perfect, and looking absolutely dazzling! He puts them on his website, and all of your friends and families from all over the world can see them--at a 24/7 situation! No need to worry about sharing pictures around, getting finger prints. Oh, yeah, this is 2013, your disk, that got scratched. Worst: Got lost!!---OK, let's get real. Let's say HE messed up the photography, you can now SUE him for the damages.

Are you going to sue Uncle Fred? I think not. He's family. The Photographer is NOT!--

A big difference.

It's easier to not get emotionally attached to the photos, because wedding photography is an emotional attachment. You do great--People love you. Do bad, and watch out. Out of all of my weddings I've done since 1997, I've only had 1 wedding go totally bad. And, I refunded their monies. Honest truth!

PROS: Hiring a Professional may reduce any family stresses that you didn't count on.

CONS: Hiring Uncle Fred, may be cheaper in the long run may not be a good gamble.

Why Risk It?

Bottom Line: Hire A Professional, and let Uncle Fred photograph the silly shots, plus he gets to enjoy YOUR Wedding--and make that Pro WORK!

It's up to You.

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Great article! I'll keep that in mind, maybe I married soon, just kidding :)

  about 9 years ago
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