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4 Natural Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism And Lose More Weight
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With the Summer months ahead many people are franticly trying to lose those last few pounds of flab. Most people who have been dieting for some time usually hit a plateau or wall. Where it seems the person, no matter what they do, wont lose weight. This is where many turn to Fat Burners to speed up there metabolism, but some are also looking for an all natural way to speed up there metabolism and lose those few extra pounds with out the need for dangerous fat burners. In this article I'm going to go over 4 natural ways to speed up your metabolism and help you lose your last few pounds before summer officially arrives.

1. Drink More Water- Most people simply don't drink enough water each day, especially those who are dieting or exercising more and don't realize the importance of being well hydrated. You see when your body is getting 6 - 10 glasses of water each day your body will no longer need to hold on to excess water in your skin. This excess water gives people that puffy look.

When your body senses your getting plenty of water it no longer needs to hold on to that extra water so you look thinner , full fuller and your metabolism is running better. Your Metabolism runs better when well hydrated and you will have much more focus. So try to drink 6 - 10 glasses of water throughout your day.

2.Start Resistance Training- This is the most surefire way to speed up your metabolism and that is to give your muscles a workout that will promote protein synthesis Promoting protein synthesis is when your body needs to rebuild the muscle due to training. This Speeds up your metabolism for 6 - 15 hours after working out. If your one of the ladies and not looking to bulk up than be sure to keep the weights light and aim for 15 - 20 rep. If your a guy and looking to gain mass than you want to have heavier weights and be looking for a good pump.

3. Eat Smaller Portions, More Often - Lets say for example that you eat 3000 calories per day and you eat 3 meals each day. That would mean each meal is 1000 calories, now lets say for example your body's metabolism burns about 3000 calories per day. Now if you spread your meals out and ate 6 meals a day, but still had 3000 calories each day. Each meal would be 500 calories and you would eat 6 small meals each day. This would speed up your metabolism so your body would burn more calories. For example lets say an extra 400 calories you would be burning an extra 400 per day just by eating smaller meals , more often.

This also helps your body when it comes to staying full since your getting smaller proportions, your stomach will shrink and you won't be able to overeat. Its been best known to eat your meals about 2.5 hours apart.

4. Green Tea - Last but not least, the best all natural drink that will help boast up your metabolism , help keep your skin healthy , give you an energy boast, and help fight disease. Green Tea has a small amount of caffeine but is great for dieters since it can speed up your metabolism without the need for large amounts of caffeine. Green tea also helps rid the body of toxins. If you read my Sensa review than you would already know that Green Tea also helps as an Appetite suppressant much like the Sensa weight loss product.

Well there you have 4 Natural ways to speed up you metabolism, hopefully with these tips your body will now turn into a fat burning machine and you will be well on your way losing those last few pounds. Your metaboism is something that starts to speed up slowly and the faster it gets, the eaiser it is to keep it that way. Remember its something you have to stick to each day, don't worry about missing a workout or cheating onnce a meal once. Its about not about staying perfect, its about keeping with it for long peroids of time. If you do that you will be sucessful in your weight loss goals.

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