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5 Foods To Never Eat
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5 Foods To Never Eat

I think its safe to say that in this day and age, people seem to be becoming more and more health conscious than ever before. But with diabetes and obesity on the rise to epidemic proportions, it is worth asking if there are any foods that should never be eaten.

There are plenty of so-called non-foods that crowd the grocery shelves, things so non-natural that everyone should know that they are not real food and therefore not healthy choices, at any time. Yet, binging on junk food is a real temptation for young and old and one that should come with severe warnings.

Our bodies digestive system is excellent for processing the nutrients and getting rid of waste. But there are many things that impede this system and poor eating habits certainly play a part. When your body doesn't digest things properly and consistently what happens? The answers to that question are never reassuring. What can we do to help our digestive system, other than eating properly? Eating things that can be properly digested, of course.

Here is a list of 5 foods that nutritionists now say should NEVER be eaten:

  1. Simple sugars and unhealthy fats. White sugar is in almost everything processed because they offer a quick sweet tase sensation and which quickly spikes your blood sugar up for a quick energy high. But it is a simple carbohydrate which triggers insulin levels to counter react and actually lowers energy creating fatigue. Instead, choose non processed foods, avoid the pop and cookies and sugary breakfast cereals and opt for naturally sweetened fruit and whole foods like steel cut oats and fresh vegetables. Processed foods also contain saturated and trans fats, again, the wrong type of fat that your body takes in as calories and stores as fat. Foods such as avocados and nuts contain the better for you monounsaturated fats which give your body a more sustained caloric energy release.
  2. Meat high in nitrates and nitrites as well as saturated fat. Processed meat products such as cold-cuts, sausage, bacon and hot dogs contain chemical preservative additives called nitrates. Nitrites are used in the curing process to preserve colour and increase flavour. While considered safe in small doses, it is a form of processing that should be avoided because of the potential risks of toxicity. Select lean meats that contain less saturated fat or chicken, turkey, or fish which also contains omega-3's.
  3. Ingredients that are difficult to pronounce or sound like chemicals. If they look and sound like chemicals, they probably are chemicals designed to fill or preserve a food item and aren't a healthy choice. Again, whole foods that only contain 1 ingredient should be your first choice. If the first 5 sound like chemicals, put it back on the shelf.
  4. Healthy sounding foods. Avoid items that say "low in such and such an ingredient" or "contain whole something or other" probably is a stretch of the real truth that it contains things that aren't that. Sometimes its a dead give away, such as when the label is on cookies or health type bars. Somethimes you have to read the ingredients to spot the flaw.
  5. Canned foods that have high sodium and salt. Sodium is an essential nutrient and salt is a preservative and taste enhancer, and different even though they are often used interchangeably. Lower amounts of either is always a better choice than those with high levels.

Avoiding these 5 foods will have a positive impact on the healthiness of the food that you put into your body. Your body will be better for it.

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