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95% Of People Never Achieve Their Weight Loss Resolutions! Here Is Why…
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95% Of People Never Achieve Their Weight Loss Resolutions! Here is Why…

Every year, people make a promise to themselves, that this year they will get healthy and lose their unwanted weight.

Unfortunately over 95% of those who make this promise will fail to realize their resolution. In fact more than a third will have given up within the first month.

The reason there is such a high failure rate is not that people don’t know enough about diet, nutrition or exercise. That type of information is readily available in truckloads.

Here are the basics…

  • Exercise more, preferably every day!
  • Eat less calories than you burn over the course of a day!
  • Eat 4-6 small meals a day to control cravings and your blood sugars!
  • Eat predominantly lean protein, fibrous vegetables, nuts, seeds, low glycemic fruit and healthy legumes in the majority of your meals!
  • After you exercise – eat complex carbohydrates like; sweet potatoes, wild rice, quinoa, buckwheat, steel cut oats, Ezekial breads, higher glycemic fruit, etc.
  • Drink water, tea and some coffee. Stay away from alcohol, fruit juices, soda, milk etc.

It’s as simple as that, knowing just that would result in successful weight loss in over 99% of all people.

So you see, the difficulty and the struggle is not in the knowing, but in the doing.

The reason that 95% of all people will fail in achieving their New years Weight Loss Resolution is their inability to turn their desires; their promise to themselves, into actions and results!

It is easy to say you “should” lose weight, and it is likewise easy to read a diet book and beware of what you “should” eat. People have no problem mapping out the proper course they “should” take to reach their goal. The problem lies in getting started, or once started, they struggle with staying on their chosen path. Unfortunately, people don’t actual change anything they just “should” all over themselves!

The key to successful weight loss and achieving your resolution is in also knowing how to take the “right” action steps that lead to the “right” results! Diet, nutrition and exercise information is a small part of the weight loss success formula.

The majority of what you must know so that you don’t fail this year in losing the weight is really a path to self-empowerment. You will succeed in weight loss when you know how to act in the face of your own fears, doubts and worries. Doubts or fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of change, fear of limitation or missing out; these are just some of the fears and worries that prevent people from taking action towards their goals.

Some of these you will be aware of; the thought of being on a diet might not only make you feel uncomfortable but might be powerful enough to stop you dead in your tracks. Some of these fears are subconscious and you won’t even know that they are sabotaging your diet plans…you will just write off your goals, as “this is not a good time” or “ I have to much going on right now”. These conscious or sub-conscious fears and doubts are the first obstacles that people must know how to work through if they are to be successful.

For those that do act and who do get started, the second group of obstacles comes in the form of their own self-sabotaging behavior. These behaviors or habits can include; binge eating, boredom eating, eating out of convenience and the big one - emotional connections to food!

If you have the “right” strategies to be able to overcome these obstacles, then not only will you reach your weight loss goals; but you will meet a stronger, more powerful and emancipated version of yourself!

The weight Loss Success formula is 25% having the right diet and exercise information, and 75% having the right inner-strength strategies for your mind!

Street Talk

This is very true. Although diet and exercise are a critical part of the weight loss formula, they don't mean a thing without the discipline to execute them. I like where you are going here implementing positive thinking and the belief in yourself. Much of the equation does lie here.

  about 9 years ago
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