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A Flat Tummy Is Possible
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My wife and I have tried several different workouts to try and get rid of that extra winter weight through the years. In reality it hasn’t always been winter weight. I go through cycles because let’s be honest, very few of us really like working out an hour a day, or even have the time for that matter. As for my wife exercises alone didn’t seem to give her a flat tummy which is what she is looking for. She has always complained about losing belly fat she new was extra. But throughout all of our workouts we noticed that our workouts were just that, workouts, and didn’t target our eating habits as well. We pretty much just ate anything we wanted and figured the workouts would make up the extra.

Reasons for Those Extra Pounds

Some times people just get caught up in life and need a break. During that break we often neglect to do the things that we need to in order to not gain that 5 or 10 extra pounds we think makes us overweight. Some times it is just a matter of something in life gets us really depressed. We eat pizza 3 nights out of the week because we are relaxing and just don’t want to leave the house. We go get fast food because the idea of cooking just really doesn’t sound all that pleasing. Or, caught in the current jobs market we don’t have a job, causing us to feel down and couch ridden a flat tummy isn’t on the list of top priorities.

Failure Leads to Success

We both have very short attention spans so doing something that was going to take months wasn’t going to work. We tried a lot of different things. Let’s run through some of the different tricks we have tried throughout the years. My start was probably in college with some difficult ab routine that I got from a Men’s health magazine. Result, a flat tummy, but it included running 4 to 5 times a week for up to an hour. My wife tried the large rubber ball. With some success, aka lost weight, but as we didn’t have a lot of space it got stored one day and just never taken back out. We also both tried Sketchers Shape Up’s, don’t get me wrong they are comfortable shoes but they just don’t give the results we were looking for because we probably aren’t on our feet enough in a day. I seemed to get relatively good results for some of the exercises but the ab exercises for women just weren’t giving my wife what she was looking for. After several workouts that either didn’t give us the results we were looking for or took up way to much time we finally found a workout that included a nutrition plan.

Using the nutrition plan with the workout we noticed that the pounds seemed to come off much easier. It seemed to me that we move our arms and legs often during the day but our core body doesn’t get that much flexing during the day. Sitting on the couch really doesn’t do much to work out any section of your body and just walking around the normal amount during the day isn’t enough to flex it either. We really needed something that was relatively quick from a workout standpoint and told us what to eat from a nutrition standpoint, leaving out all of those expensive supplements.

I think there were three things that lead to our success this time. Drinking lots of water is always recommended. Not only does it keep you hydrated but it gets rid of toxins that build up in your body and fight your weight loss goals. Eating proper nutrition makes sure that you are not adding to the weight that you are trying to loss as well as maximizing your metabolize, aka burning those extra pound. Lastly, working out and targeting the areas that we really felt were the cause of our wanting to workout in the first place with specific ab exercises for women and men to get the most out of our time.


I would have to say that my wife seem the most excited about her results. In 30 days she saw a great deal of progress on her butt and stomach. I can’t tell you how excited she was to slip into a pair of jeans that she hadn’t worn since college. As a guy I don’t think I have a pair of jeans left from college that she will let me wear due to holes but I definitely noticed a difference as well. Both of our midsections were more defined. Now we didn’t start from an extra 50 pounds either, so I wouldn’t expect someone to get a flat tummy that was, but in just that short of a time I was surprised what changing our diet did when combined with the workouts, you could see defined abs.

Ab exercises for men and ab exercises for women aren’t the entire answer. I would have to say that it is the complete package that got my wife and I to loose those unsightly extra pounds around the midsection. Once those pounds were off the nutrition plan stayed with us and we were able to cut back on the amount of exercising we did. Don’t get me wrong we still slip up every once and a while and end up gaining some of them back. But, we have something that works now for how to get them back off. If your interested in sharing your story I would love to here what works for you on my blog.

Street Talk

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  about 1 decade ago
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