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A Review Of Biggest Loser Tv Series
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Many people have heard of the biggest loser tv series and are big fans of the show. There would also be many people that have been influenced enough by the show to be motivated to do something about there own weight issues and this is terrific.

The reality, though, of the biggest loser tv series is that its goal is to be entertaining television that brings suitable high ratings and therefore bring in a good profit for the makers of the television series. The goal is certainly not to change peoples lives. However, probably the trainers do have the altruistic motive of helping people lose weight, get fit and regain their health, but they wouldn't be the decision makers as to what happens on the tv show.

The biggest loser tv series does fulfill its goal of producing entertaining tv but it is giving people the wrong message about weight loss.

The contestants that they chose are morbidly obese and this is because they have a better chance of having more of a dramatic change, which would be good for ratings. These contestants on the biggest loser tv series lose sometimes around 5 kilograms in a week, which is great for them, but it is unrealistic to expect someone who is merely overweight to have the same sort of success.

Another thing that makes great tv, but is not good for the average person trying to lose weight, is they show the contestants exercising for hours everyday. Again this is not realistic for people to try and exercise so much - who would have that sort of time to be able to work out so much?! Exercise is definitely a good thing, but is that amount of exercise really that healthy? Also could this massive amount of exercise create an obsession? For some people, probably the answer would be yes.

The biggest loser tv series removes people from their everyday lives, but in doing so the contestants don't get to change their unhealthy habits and create new ones. Its one thing to teach them how to cook healthy meals, but its another thing if the contestant had to deal with eating well while they are perhaps traveling for work, or if they are a mum, how do they eat well when they are constantly running after kids.

I don't see anything wrong with entertaining tv but I do have a problem with the biggest loser tv series because it gives an artificial, unrealistic idea of how a person should go about losing weight.

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