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Ab Fat Proven Barometer Of Fitness
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Ab Fat Is The Barometer Of A Great Body

Having a flat stomach with no ab fat on it at all means that most likely the rest of your body is in great looking shape. Your abs are the barometer of a sexy looking body. As your abs go so goes the rest of your physique. It is true that you can have great looking glutes or amazing biceps, but if ab fat is hanging off the front of your body, you just "ain't gonna look that great."

Ab Fat Is At The Core Of Your Body

Your abs are a major part of you core and when you have a fit strong core the rest of your body follows. Getting rid of ab fat is a major step in creating a great looking fit core. In order for you abs to begin to show you will need a low body fat percentage of around 14% or less. This is because you can't target just ab fat for fat loss. You have to reduce your over all body fat and in doing that your ab fat will be reduced. That is why your abs are the barometer of your body.

When You Get Great Abs You Get A Great Body

Working on your abs and perfecting them will give you a great athletic look that is really sexy. A flat stomach is almost impossible to get without making the rest of your body tight and in shape. This is because of the steps you need to take get rid of ab fat and shape your stomach the way you want it.

Since the first part in getting rid of ab fat is a healthy diet choices this will also effect your entire body. There are 5 top foods you should eat in order to rid your ab of fat and give you a flat stomach. Eating these foods also affects the rest of your body getting in great shape.

The second component for ab fat reduction is a combination of cardio exercise and resistance training. These exercises are not to be confused with targeted ab shaping exercises and are aimed at boosting your metabolism so that it will burn more body fat at a faster rate. Cardio tones your whole body and boosts your metabolism during and after a work out. The fact is, you burn more calories after you finish cardio than you did while you were doing it so it is best to do it the first thing in the morning.

Resistance training on the other hand builds lean muscle tissue which burns fat 24/7. Resistance training is the long-term solution to body fat reduction. Even though you are doing these exercises to get rid of ab fat, they are working out the rest of your body also and getting it in shape.

The remaining components are drinking enough water each day, and getting enough sleep every night. Even though you do these things to get rid of ab fat and have a flat stomach, they effect the rest of your body in a positive way. Drinking enough water helps give you clear firm skin, helps in the elimination of body waste and keeps your body burning ab fat. Sleeping heals the body and promotes general physical and mental health. So as you can see, concentrating on your abs really effects your entire body.

Beyond Sexy Abs

Even if you are looking to go into body building, getting your ab fat eliminated and achieving a flat stomach or a firm six-pack will build the foundations of your body building efforts. Too often people who engage in body building get tunnel vision and concentrate on only certain muscles. If these muscles are not your abs, you could end up looking unbalanced or even down right weird.

For instance, having bulging biceps while you have blubbery ab fat is unsavory to say the least. The truth is that having great bulging muscles beneath layers of buttery fat only makes you look fatter. I always think of some of the linebackers who played for the Dallas Cowboys. They could bench 600 lbs but the all looked fat--don't tell them I said that. The reason was because they had layers of fat covering their muscles including ab fat.

Whether you are body building or just aiming for a firm, sexy body, you need to get rid of ab fat. The reason I say ab fat is because for most of us, once it is gone the rest of our body fat is also gone.

For details on how you can achieve many of these results get my ab fat report. It is full of good information of developing a flat stomach or a firm six-pack.

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