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Activities That Burn Calories
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Activities That Burn Calories

Many people want to know the easiest and fastest way to burn calories. There are many things you can do to burn more calories. People who are most successful at losing weight find ways to burn calories throughout the day doing little to nothing. I’ll get back to that later in my article but for now I’m going to give you some easy ways to burn calories fast.

Two of the fastest ways to burn calories is weight training and interval training. Not only will you burn calories fast, but you will continue to burn calories over a longer period of time. Weight training build muscles and while you work out your muscles you are tearing them which cause the body to use calories. Then when the muscle repairs it’s self it takes calories. So over the course of a few days you will have used a lot of calories as energy needed to help repair the muscle.

Interval training is a great way to burn calories because with this type of workout, you are doing an activity fast for the first few minutes then you are slowing your speed for the next few minutes and repeating the process. For example if you are jogging for 2 minutes then you bust out running for one minute, your metabolism will rev up causing your body to use more calories. Many athletes use this type of training when getting ready for special events or to get themselves in better shape. That is why they have nice bodies.

Other Activities That Burn Calories & Not As Aggressive

I am going to give you easier activities that burn calories but are not as aggressive at the interval training and weight training. These activities will be more for people who are just starting out.

• Sleep – get yourself more sleep. When the body is not getting enough rest, your metabolism will slow down causing you to burn less calories. Get at least 7 hours of sleep per night.

• Eat breakfast daily- Eat even if it is a left over drum stick from dinner. You want to break the fast in the morning or your body will hang on to calories and store fat.

• Eat several small meal a day- If you do this your body will burn more calories during the day than if you just eat 2 or 3 big meals.

• Drink several cups of water daily- Drinking lots of water will push foods out of your body faster and water helps burn calories. Water also aids in digestion. Cold water gives your metabolism a great boost.

• Take a brisk walk for 10-20 minutes- A brisk walk around the corner and back, or at the mall is great for your heart, breathing deeper, and to burn about 100 calories or so.

• Wash your car

• Dance to some music- If you are home with your kids, spouse, or have friends over dance. Dancing is a fun way to burn calories and pass some time.

• Jump rope

• Clean you house

• Ride a bike- with this easy exercise this fat burning activity will help build muscle in your thighs and you can get a group of people together to make it very fun.

These activities are easy and will work for people who want to start out small. But if you seriously want to burn calories and lose body fat fast, I recommend the weight training, and interval training. You will get results faster.

Street Talk

Jogging and walking have always helped me lose weight. I highly recommend them to all those who want to get rid of a few pounds.

  about 1 decade ago

That's great. Jogging and walking gets the heart rate up too and promotes better breathing. Thanks for your comment

  about 1 decade ago
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