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Alcohol And Weight Loss: Can Alcohol Fit Into Your Weight Loss Program
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I have a number of people asking if it's all right to drink alcohol while trying to lose weight? How can they fit alcohol into their diet and are some forms of alcohol better than others when dieting? The answers to these questions are not quite so simple.

I understand many individuals enjoy 'happy hour' with their friends and the thought of knocking back glass after glass of water soon tends to lose its appeal. Especially when your skinny friends are chugging back on wine, beer or spirits. So what really then is the answer?

Realistically I have to say that alcohol of any kind when on a weight loss program is not a good idea for some of the following reasons:

  • It is simply empty calories.
  • It release estrogen into the bloodstream
  • It speeds up fat storage and deters the ability of muscle growth.
  • It will also weaken your willpower and possibly your inhibitions. We've all heard of the girls who drink to much and end up dancing on the table. Would you have done that sober?

Many of us enjoy a glass of wine or something stronger before dinner but if you're serious about losing your excess weight as quickly as possible my advice would be to leave the alcohol alone. If you are not so desperate to get rid of that surplus flesh in a hurry then try to stick with something like a glass of red wine. Red wine contains resveratrol which some research says has many health benefits, keep in mind though, resveratrol can also be found in grapes or grape juice so if it's the health benefits you're after maybe try one of the latter sources.

I you're really keen to drink wine try to find something produced that does not contain preservatives such as added sulphites. Added sulpites are to to extend shelf life so be wise and check the labels. You will soon be able to discern the difference in taste between your average wine and one that is sulphite free.

Apart from all the usual weight loss reasons to abstain, it is clearly unwise to binge drink from so many angles as overdoing the alcohol can not only lead to heart disease but can also cause breast cancer. If wine is not your thing then maybe an occasional clear spirit will be all right. Do try to keep away from dark spirits and sweet mixers though. Think of having a vodka or gin on the rocks or else with soda water and a twist of lime or possibly a couple of tequila shots. Just make sure you keep these under control though.

One last point in regards to drinking alcohol, stay away from any cocktails as they can frequently add up to around a thousand calories per drink and that is a sure way to get your diet off track. Just keep in mind your plan to lose your weight and continue your new healthy way of eating and you won't go far wrong.

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