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Are Fat Genes Real?
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If you ask why they are overweight, many heavy people will tell you, “I can’t help it, it’s in my genes.” It’s an interesting argument and one that’s hard to refute. But the question is, are fat genes real? There is a recent article that I read that investigates this very thing.

Is there a fat gene? Bottom line is that technically yes, there is a gene that has been identified as an indicator to a predisposition to becoming obese. That’s a mouthful right? In short it means that if this gene is present, there is around a 23 percent increased chance of the person being obese.

Does this mean you should just give up if you have this gene? Definitely not, a study was performed to examine the actual effects of said gene and it was found to be very small. Only about two pounds of excess weight was found to be attributed to the fat gene. The rest of the subject’s extra weight was due to lack of exercise and diet. In fact, by performing as little as an hour of moderate to vigorous exercise per week, the effects of the gene were reduced by about a third. So while blaming genetics for obesity is the easiest thing to do, the argument doesn’t really hold much weight.

Each individual’s diet and exercise routines have a much greater effect on our weight than our genetics. To stave off obesity we have to take it upon ourselves to follow a proper diet plan and incorporate regular exercise into our daily lives. With any sensible diet, most people can and do lose weight. Just cutting out snacking would help more than most people realize. Saying diets don’t work is just trying to take the easy way out of changing your lifestyle.

The problem is, today’s society wants to see dramatic results quickly. Short of surgery, that’s just not a reasonable expectation with dieting. When the weight doesn’t drop off overnight we get discouraged and give up. The problem is that the dieter gave up on the diet, not that it didn’t work.

So while there is a fat gene, our diet and exercise have a much greater effect on our overall physical condition. We need to stop using it as an excuse for over eating and being lazy. We need to spend more time watching what we eat and looking for ways to get moving. You don’t need to work out like an Olympian, simple body weight exercises would be a great place start.

Street Talk

Good article! I would like to blame my fat on a gene. However, I know exactly what it is. Before I hurt my back, I walked every day, I was never thin, but I had very little cellulite. I have gained 20 lbs. since then. I am working on losing it now. I clicked on your links and couldn't get them to go through. You might want to check on them. Thank you, have a great day!

  about 7 years ago
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