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Are We Like Animals?
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We really can't compare ourselves to the creatures of the wild but we need to understand the reasons to becoming overweight. Are we like animals and could we be over weight because of the food choices we are making?

Let's compare how many animals you see that are over weight as compared to over weight people. You won't find over weight animals outthere and it's not because there is a lack of food. Look a humans and you will find a few that are over weight.

So why are there no obese animals out there? Well it is because they are eating the right foods nature designed for them to be eating. We as people could learn a thing or two here. We need to make better choices in what we eat.

The only animals that might be obese are the pets we humans have in out homes. We will not only make bad choices for ourselves but also for our pets. We give them the wrong foods to eat and then forget to give them exercise they need to burn off body fats that accumulate.

Our pets get the dreaded processed foods with all the wrong ingredients like food coloring and other bad stuff that was never meant for our pets to eat at all. We live a fast paced crazy life and so even food needs to be fast and easy.

Because of our bad lifestyle and habits our pets are seeing more sickness especially diabetes in their lives.

We are to blame for both our own and our pets lack of health with our bad choices. Our lives are shortened due to disease and so are our pets. We need to make a positive change quickly in both our own and our pets lifestyle.

Marketing has a lot to do with what we buy for ourselves as well as for our pets. We need to watch the ingredients in our foods and make wise decisions when making a purchase to make sure we are buying what is best and most healthy foe the one who is eating it.

Because we as humans are the more intelligent we need to take the lead in making these life choices.

Let's not let our pets down as they are counting on us to make wise choices so they can live long healthy lives along with us their masters.

So to make a positive change in how long we live we need to start to make the correct and wise choices when it comes to the foods we eat and the lifestyle we live. Both us and our pets will be the beneficiaries.

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