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Are You Frustrated With Your Body?
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Are you angry at the results that you are NOT getting? Are you tired of working so hard and dieting on and off but seeing no changes? Are you mentally exhausted and feel like giving up? I completely understand! I was there and it seriously can be the hardest thing in the world… Especially for a woman.

I have tried so many diets but I could not maintain them, plus they only worked for a while. I did workouts excessively and didn't see any real changes for all the work I was putting into it. I am here to share some tips that have helped me finally get to where I want to be and enjoy my life, rather than working out 3 times a day to feel like I have made any progress.

STRESS... yes stress. How can this make it harder to lose weight? It can make it harder because when you are stressed a lot and have a hard time calming down, your body holds on to fat. This is so frustrating because not loosing weight can stress you out even more! So in this situation it is a challenge to calm down and relax. There are a few things you can do!

  1. Join a yoga class, or a meditation group
  2. Go for a walk in nature
  3. Every morning or night, sit in a peaceful room and breath long breaths until you feel better.
  4. Take a laughing yoga class
  5. Make love
  6. write down on a paper what bothers you and what you could do to change it
  7. take a hot bath with sea salts
  8. read an uplifting book filled with excitement and inspiration ( I love the book Anastasia )

SLEEP... Are you getting enough? When you are asleep your body recovers and burns calories all night. You build muscle when you are asleep, not while you work out, without enough sleep your body will not fully recover and you will not see results as much as you would if you were getting plenty of sleep. When you get enough rest you feel better, your mood is elevated, your eyes will be bright, your STRESS levels will decrease, your energy and motivation will raise and you will even be able to breath better. Sleep is just as important as eating clean plant foods and clean water. How much sleep do we need? Your goal should be 9 hours a night.

DIET ... diet is the most important thing to create a healthy lasting lifestyle. You are what you eat, I highly recommend a vegan diet, Low fat high carb. If you do this lifestyle you will see max results, more energy than you ever thought you could have, a better mindset, a lot less stress and fat loss constantly over years until you have reached your healthy body weight. When I became a vegan, I lost a lot of weight and still am, all my acne cleared up, my stress levels went right down and I became a really happy beautiful person! If you eat meat and dairy you WILL pay for it in the end. A great book to read is 80/10/10 by DR Douglas Graham.

WATER ... I did not realize how important it is to drink enough water and eat water rich foods. When I started choosing the right foods I never feel bloated, I feel energized constantly, I never have a hard time in the bathroom, always feel great and I am more sharp. Once you feel the hydration, It is fantastic, everything in your world feels better and easier. Water also fills you up and satisfies your hunger slightly if you are dehydrated and helps you choose better foods.

MOVEMENT... When choosing an exercise choose something FUN! Play pass, go for a run by the river, play your favourite sport, go for a hike, explore, play with your kids, go biking and see the sites! As long as you are moving and moving consistently you will be making progress on a vegan diet. Every day do something fun and challenging with others or just by yourself!

Exercising does not have to be dreadful and horrible to make a difference, it can be fun and make you laugh at the same time! Have fun in your life every day to bring down the stress and allow you to sleep well at night. Have fun so you enjoy who you are and over time you will become the person you have always wanted to be, with not just fat loss but with overall health in the mind, body and spirit!

If you are frustrated with weight loss and not getting the results you desire in life, you may want to consider thinking about the amount of sleep you are getting, how stressed are you, are you eating the right biological foods for your body, are you hydrated and at last are you having fun? I hope this article has inspired you to become a happy and healthy person! Much Love

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Plenty of "active" suggestions there. Rest is my favourite kind of exercise ;) As for the water part, that's why fruits the bodies best friend IMO anyway since I'm not a fan of drinking water.

  about 9 years ago
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