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Be Good To Your Heart!
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Be Good To Your Heart!

If you are good to your heart, your heart will be good to you.

This may seem like redundant statement, but if you think about it you'll see it contains deep meaning. It's too bad that people don't start to think about their heart health until they are well past 40 years of age.

I believe that young people should be encouraged to make their hearts healthier by good eating habits and sufficient exercise.

A lot of people swear by the beneficial effects of aerobic exercise. They believe that an aerobic exercise routine, when done properly and consistently will make you feel better physically and mentally.

Here's where I see the possibilities of enjoyable, beneficial aerobic exercise programs for young adults. Their main motivation may be that they want to look their best by achieving good physical shape.

That's great, so long as they can be persuaded to employ a good exercise routine that includes sufficient aerobic exercise to result in a healthy heart.

Young adults, who become aware of the importance of a strong, healthy heart at a young age, have a great health advantage. They are more likely to continue the exercise programs that will keep them in good physical shape through the years.

These people will arrive at the so called "high risk" years, between the ages of 45-65 in great physical shape including a strong, healthy heart.

By continuing their exercise routines, they will not only be healthier, but they will also enjoy great appearance. They will look their best, they will feel their best, and their hearts will be healthy and strong.

It is a well accepted fact that aerobics is a key factor in maintaining an overall healthy condition, including your heart.

This may seem like too much generalization, but since it is a medically proven fact that proper aerobic exercise is very beneficial to your heart, it follows that a sustained aerobics routine, maintained through the years, will maintain a healthy heart.

When you include aerobics in your exercise program, you are giving your heart and lungs a great deal of extra work. The more you work out, the harder your heart and lungs have to work.

By making aerobics a daily routine, your heart and lungs will get stronger. There is no denying that aerobics and the health of your heart are entwined.

As your heart becomes stronger, your aerobics will become easier, and the physical well-being that comes with it will be an increasingly pleasant experience.

Maintaining a good aerobics program will take work, but the benefits are so great that it will be worth all the effort. Here's where those individuals that start early on with aerobics will have an advantage. Their hearts and lungs will be strong and healthy.

Nevertheless, you should consult with your doctor as you progress in your aerobics exercise routine.

Incidentally, after a few years whether male or female, you will have an awesome physique, or a beautiful shape.

You will be a sensation at the beach.

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