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Best Exercises For Arms, Abs And Legs
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Best Exercises For Arms, Abs And Legs

Exercises for Arms

The thing about what the best exercises for arms are is that most people do not realize the number of muscles that make up the arm. In addition, it is also necessary to take into consideration the fitness goals of an individual. Exercises for arms that a woman would do may differ from those what a man would do. The reason for this is that a woman does not want her arms to look bulky and muscular while a man does not want his arms to appear feminine and thin.

The main muscles that make up the arm include the forearm, the bicep and the triceps, which consist of three muscles. The bicep is the muscle on top of the arm that is seen most frequently when someone does a muscle pose with both arms flexing. The triceps is the muscle behind the bicep or the back of the arm comma which actually makes up 2/3 of the size of the arm. Together these two muscles are responsible for your overall arm size. Size is probably only important for man who wants to bulk up and add muscle mass.

Women's fitness goals are usually to tighten and tone the muscles in the triceps area rather than having that flabby unattractive muscle just hanging down. Most women are not concerned about the size of the biceps; however it is important to do some exercises in this area in order to maintain muscle tone. Whether you are a man or a woman the following exercises will work biceps, triceps and forearms. If you're a man looking to gain muscle mass than you can do these exercises with heavier weights and lower repetitions. For woman looking for toning and strengthening these exercises should be done with high repetitions and lower weights. It should be noted that unless you're working out for a bodybuilding competition, the forearms will naturally get their work out just from the gripping of barbells and dumbbells during your workout.


  • Triceps
  • Dumbbell kickbacks
  • Close grip bench press
  • Triceps dips
  • Triceps press downs
  • Close to grip pushups


  • Barbell Curls
  • Dumbbell Curls
  • Preacher Curls
  • Seated dumbbell concentration Curls

These exercises can either tone or strengthen your muscles or increase muscle mass and strength. This will depend when on a few things:

  • Frequency of exercising
  • Amount of weight being used
  • Number of repetitions

These are tried and tested exercises that can be incorporated into just about any workout program. These are basic arm workout exercises and there are many variations that can be performed around them. However, as with any other exercise regimen you start with the basics and then you can move on to more advanced techniques and exercise to add intensity to your workout.

Best Exercises for Legs

Determining what the best exercises for legs are will depend on what your exercise goals are. If your intention is to tone and define your calves than you would be best doing some type of isolation exercises for them. If you're looking to tone or define your outer thighs then abduction exercises would be best. However, generally speaking in terms of exercises that will work out the entire lower half of your body, there are a few exercises which stand above the rest.


Squats are by far the number one exercise for conditioning your legs. Whether you’re looking to tone and sculpt or put on muscle and mass, nothing can beat the results you get from doing squats. From fat burning to muscle building, performing squats is an excellent exercise for achieving your fitness goals for your legs, whatever they may be. There are many variations to the basic squat exercise that will allow you to work different parts of your legs; however they are the basic muscle building exercise for legs


Lunges are another excellent leg exercise and are versatile enough to be performed in many different ways. This exercise can be modified in order to place emphasis on different muscle groups. Lunges are a popular exercise among females as they are very effective for tightening and toning the hip and buttocks area.

Leg presses

If for some reason you have difficulty with squatting or lunges, or both for that matter, then the leg press machine will allow you to achieve your leg fitness goals without doing either of the above exercises. The flexibility of the leg press comes from the fact that by changing the position of your feet on the machine you can target specific muscle groups within the leg. Many individuals have difficulty squatting because of back injuries or knee injuries. The use of the leg press will take some of that stress off the back, legs and other areas that may be uncomfortable when doing squats.

It is important to remember the exercise is not always a one size fits all situation. You must take into account everyone is not at the same fitness level, varying ages, and that what works for one person may not work for another. Not every person’s muscles are going to respond in the same manner, therefore, a bit of experimentation is required in order to find out exactly what is most effective for you. There several other exercises for legs that can be done however, these are among the most popular and effective. Again, depending on your specific fitness goals you can tailor make a leg exercise routine that best suits you.

Best Exercises for Abs

If you're one of those individuals who wish to show off an eye catching abdominal package then you must know that there are several exercises that you can do that will help you to achieve this goal. In fact, there are lots of exercises for abs. However, I will mention a few that are among the best that will help you achieve six pack abs that will be the envy of your friends.

The Bicycle Exercise

This is a great exercise as it involves both upper and lower abs as well as the obliques. Performing this exercise will help you to create a longer, slimmer torso and is a much better exercise than traditional crunches. In addition, no equipment is needed to perform this exercise.

Hanging Leg Raises

This exercise is usually performed by bracing the arms in a specially designed apparatus that allows your legs to hang free. You may perform several exercises using this piece of equipment, however by pulling your knees up to your chest you can effectively work your lower abs and help strengthen and define this area.

Exercise Ball Crunches

This exercise is performed by supporting your back on the exercise ball and performing crunches. It takes a little practice to keep the ball from moving while performing this exercise; however it is very effective when performed correctly.

Reverse Crunches

You'll need an exercise mat to do this exercise correctly. It is performed by lying flat on the floor and by rolling your knees to your chest area unto you feel the tension along your entire abdominal area.

Abs Rocker

This exercise incorporates the use of an abdominal roller which consists of a wheel with two bars protruding from both sides. This exercise require some moderate upper body strength as you will have to support your entire body in a horizontally when rolling out to the fully extended position.

All of these exercises are designed to strengthen, tone, and define the muscles throughout the abdominal region. When done correctly it shouldn't take too long before you can begin to see the effects of these exercises. However, it should be noted that no amount of abdominal exercises will give you that six pack that you are seeking unless you are following a sound diet that is low in calories and fat. It has been said that everyone has a six pack; it is just hiding underneath a layer of fat. So remember it doesn't matter if you do multiple repetitions of abdominal exercises daily, if you're not eating a diet that supports weight and fat loss you will not achieve your desired results.

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