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Best Leg Workout
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Best Leg Workout

Hey everyone how's it going, another article aimed at working out the legs as you can tell from the title I am going to give you the best leg workout. Well saying this I am actually going to list 2 here for you because I am such a nice person (no really!) Anyway's let me get straight to the point and I do hope you enjoy reading this article and find it useful. If you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment and I will do my best to respond thanks. Now to the best leg workout

The first one I am going to give you is called Lunges. To be honest I didn’t really do the lunges at all but now that’s changed as its now a my favorite exercises. Why are the lunges one of my favorites well simply because its a very effective and on the plus side you don't need any sort of equipment or machines to perform them. This is a great exercise to perform in the comfort of your own home if you are not a gym person like me! Now how to perform a lunge, you take a step forward with one of your legs, now you need to lower your body until the thigh of the stepping leg parallel to the floor making sure you don't extend the knee past the toes. Now go back into the starting position and repeat with the other leg. Try to do these everyday if possible but do not over do it.

The next and last one I am going to give you is another exercise that you don't need any sort of equipment or machines to perform and again it can be performed in the comfort of your own home. All you really need is a flight of stairs. This exercise is called the the stair climber. Its another great exercise as it works your entire legs. What you need to do is at the start of your stairs(I mean the bottom of them) stand side ways. now in a what I call a scissorlike motion, cross the outer leg onto the step. Pull the other foot off the floor and onto second step. Walk sideways like a crab up the flight of stairs; you don't need to do this going back down so just return to the bottom as you would normally. Then scissor your way up facing the opposite direction, leading with other leg. begin with 1 flight for each leg; work up to five.

Great so now you know 2 great leg exercises. Which in my opinion is the best leg workout you ask? Well to be honest, both you just need the will and determination to perform them everyday.

Have a fantastic day!

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